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Nuclear weapons in the strategic relationship between India and Pakistan

India-Pakistan relations and conflicts are extremely important internationally. This is a region where there is currently the most real risk of the possibility of a war between two nuclear powers. The following study aims to explore the nuclear weapons of Pakistan and India and to compare their development, deployment options and nuclear doctrines in a broader strategic context.

Pakistan's path to nuclear weapons I.

A state of emergency has recently been declared in Pakistan. Once again, the world is addressing the issue of what will happen to Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. Where did the path of its origin lead?

Relations between India and Pakistan

Historical and political factors influencing relations between India and Pakistan.
The aim of this work is to give the reader an overview of the most important factors that have affected relations between India and Pakistan. The period of colonial British India and the consequences of its disintegration are discussed. The most serious Indo-Pakistani conflicts and their impact on mutual relations are analyzed. The roots of animosity between Hindus and Muslims in the Indo-Pakistani context are also highlighted. After analyzing the causes and consequences of the disintegration of Pakistan, the last part of this work deals with mutual Indo-Pakistani cooperation, as well as the role of nuclear weapons, taking into account the current problems of both countries.

Relations between India and Pakistan - 1. British Raj

Continuation of work Historical and political factors influencing relations between India and Pakistan. British Raj.
Sixteenth-century England was full of desire for new discoveries, for progress, and for opportunities to further develop it. The defeat of the Spanish fleet in 1588, which was a turning point for the English, was a significant impetus for the expansion of their dominion and the promotion of their interests in more remote parts of the world. Until then, the English were forced to use the services of the Spaniards, Portuguese and Dutch as intermediaries for trade with the Far East, as they held control of the waterways in the Indian Ocean.

Relations between India and Pakistan - 2. Independence: the problems are not over

Continuation of work Historical and political factors influencing relations between India and Pakistan. Independence: the problems do not end there.
On Independence Day, August 15, 1947, India and Pakistan became the dominion of Great Britain. The person of the British monarch, represented by the Governor-General with the title of " Viceroy ", thus became a formal head of state, who was only a " historical link " with the former colony, but without the title of " Indian Emperor ". On January 26, 1950, the Constituent Assembly adopted a constitution that established a sovereign and democratic Republic of India, an equal member of the Commonwealth.

Relations between India and Pakistan - 3. Pakistani schism

Continuation of work Historical and political factors influencing relations between India and Pakistan. Pakistani schism.
Although it may seem that Pakistan has always been united in the struggle for a better position on the international stage under the rule of a strong hand of a military dictator, the opposite is true. Practically since its inception, Pakistan has faced many problems, but authoritarian Pakistani leaders have been convinced that these problems can be successfully resisted by force. We are not talking about economic problems here, although Pakistan has had enough of them.

Relations between India and Pakistan - 4. The way of war and cooperation

Continuation of work Historical and political factors influencing relations between India and Pakistan. Through war and cooperation.
Relations between Pakistan and India have undergone and are undergoing a dynamic development since the Bangladesh War: from the freezing point to a more or less neutral level. Of course, during this development, they also experienced several successes, but also fluctuations, into the negative sphere.

Relations between India and Pakistan - Conclusion

Continuation of work Historical and political factors influencing relations between India and Pakistan. Conclusion.
The roots of the current form of Indo-Pakistani relations cannot be traced only to the period of existence of India and Pakistan as such, but it is necessary to focus on the period that preceded their very origin.

Relations between India and Pakistan - Introduction

The nature of India-Pakistan relations began to take shape long before these two independent states even existed, because in a very exaggerated spirit we can say that India-Pakistan relations are due to the contradiction between Hinduism and Islam, as the largest number of adherents in land.

Suppression of extremism in Pakistan

The issue of extremism in Pakistan is one of the most pressing problems today, especially due to the conflict in neighboring Afghanistan. According to the latest reports, Pakistan still plays a key role in Afghanistan and its actions against the radical Taliban movement are rather " naked ". The following study deals with the nature of the regime in Islamabad and its steps in the field of suppressing extremism.

The India-Pakistan war over Kashmir

There were several such wars in the world in the second half of the 20th century. Two parties were in dispute over a piece of territory, and both were convinced that the truth lay on their side. When the debate led nowhere, the other side decided not to respect the UN Security Council's decision and began to rattle its weapons.




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