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At the Mercedes-Benz polygon

On October 8, 2009, a presentation of military vehicles of all categories took place at the Mercedes-Benz test site in Wörth. It was gratifying that the owners of the relevant driving license were able to personally test the behavior of the vehicles in the field.

Bison concrete armoured lorry

The Bison was an improvised light armored vehicle, often referred to as a mobile machine gun nest. Bison was produced in Britain during the invasion crisis of 1940-1941. Based on the chassis of a number of different trucks, it was characterized by the fact that its combat section was protected by a layer of concrete. The bisons were used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) to protect the airports and also by members of the Home Guard. They were given the general name Bison after their main manufacturer.

Contemporary unarmored military equipment

The following text introduces the reader to the issue of unarmored military technology, which is a key part of military technology, as it ensures the daily operation of the army as well as the logistical dimension of conflicts. The text will describe the historical development, purpose, requirements and current trends of five main categories of unarmored vehicles, namely trucks, light and staff vehicles, motorcycles, artillery tractors and special types of vehicles.



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