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Si-an JH-7 [kód NATO: Flounder]

Xian JH-7 - přehled verzí

xi'an JH-7 - summary version[/heading:aaaaaa]
JH-7 - a two-seater twin-engine anti-ship aircraft, 7 pylons, radar Type 232H or JL-10A; 5 prototypes, at least 42 serial
JH-7A - digital cockpit, radar, JL-10A, 11 pylons with a bigger range of weaponry; 150+ pcs
JH-7B - the prototypes of the variants with new avionics and capable of refueling in flight
FBC-1 Flying Leopard - the export designation of the JH-7, no customers
FBC-1A Flying Leopard II - the export designation of the JH-7A, no customers

Gordon, Yefim; Komissarov, Dmitriy. Chinese Aircraft: China's aviation industry since 1951. Hikoki Publications, Manchester, 2008. ISBN: 9-781902-109046.
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