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Circumstances of the origin of the first jet engines in Great Britain

The wonderful story of the birth of jet engines, the main stage of which began to be written in the 1930s (apart from some other research work, carried out in Sweden or Switzerland, for example), took place essentially independently in two places on our planet. The first place was research conducted in Germany, especially at Heinkel, led by a major pioneer of this type of aircraft propulsion Dr. Hans von Ohain, who eventually won the imaginary battle for the first takeoff of the aircraft, powered exclusively by jet propulsion. Frank Whittle, in particular, can be considered the second imaginary father of the jet engine. And it is precisely these circumstances of the development of the first functional English jet engines, which significantly contributed to the current form of aircraft propulsion, that this article is devoted to.


Dogfights have always attracted attention. Since the First World War, their participants have been considered heroes, stories have been written about nothing, and they have become idols of generations. However, the reality of air combat is much more prosaic. Whatever the motivation of the pilots to fight, there was always a winner on one side and a loser on the other in a crippled or burning plane falling to the ground. This series deals with the struggle from their beginning to the modern age, when the sky is steadily ruled by jet engines.

Harrier - French heritage

When we say Harrier, most of us imagine the pride of British skill and invention rising from the deck of an aircraft carrier somewhere in the South Atlantic. However, few people know that the trace of its origin leads to the opposite side of the English Channel.

Parasite aircrafts

Ever since the first heavier-than-air planes appeared and began to compete with the reigning airships, designers have been flirting with the idea of using heavier aircraft (the term aircraft includes all flying machines, heavier-than-air aircraft and lighter air aerostats) to carry lighter ones.






Boulton Paul


De Havilland

English Electric



Handley Page








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