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First Liberators of His Majesty - Part 1

During World War II, a total of 18,481 copies of all versions of the American four-engine Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber were created. The type has indelibly written into aviation history not only by the impressive number of machines built, but also by the extent of its combat deployment, not only within the USAAF, but also the British RAF. The Royal Air Force acquired more than 2,000 machines, which it used in the first line in 1941-1947. The Liberators became famous in British colors mainly as an effective anti-submarine weapon, but they also served in a bombing role, in special operations, in electronic warfare or in air transport. However, the beginnings of their service with the RAF were relatively modest.

First Liberators of His Majesty - Part 2

The initial Liberator, which flew across the North Atlantic from the United States to Britain, became the LB-30A machine serial number AM259. A pair of pilots: S / L Waghorn and F / L Summers, landed a four-engine machine at Squires Gate Airport in Blackpool, UK on March 14, 1941.


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