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přehled verzí (Scout SV)

Armoured fighting and reconnaissance vehicle Ajax

A brief history of the
At the beginning of 2010, the british ministry of defense decided to enter the development of a multipurpose tracked vehicle (the Scout Specialist Vehicle). The design should be based on a proven machine ASCOD, which uses the Spanish army (Pizarro) and the austrian Bundesheer (Ulan). According to the requirement of the british army's development launched the british branch of the company GD. A demonstrator with the name of the Scout SV was introduced in 2011. In 2012-2013 there were stress and troop tests. In mid-2014 was the british army handed over the first prototype vehicle, the Scout SV and the end of the year was another of the prototypes equipped with tower companies Lockheed Martin UK and british-French cannon company CTA Int'l.

A prototype of a mort Scout SV was introduced at the london exhibition DSEI 2015 and renamed Ajax.

The expected event
In the period of 2016-2017 years will be tested seven prototypes and from 2017 will be the british army gradually delivered 589 vehicles. According to the bodies the vehicles are divided into six versions:
- martial výceúčelová vehicle Ajax: 245 pcs (four adjustments),
- workshop vehicle Apollo: 50 pcs,
- vehicle special forces Ares: 93 pcs,
- engineer vehicles Argus: 51 pcs.,
- command vehicles Athena: 112 pcs,
- salvage vehicles Atlas: 38 pcs.

Basic data AFRV Ajax
- manufacturer: General Dynamics UK, Blackwood, South Wales
- made: prototype in 2015
- crew: 3 persons
- away team: up to 4 persons

- combat weight: ~42000 kg
- length: 7620 mm (25 ft)
- width: 3350 mm (11 ft)
- height: ~3000 mm (9 ft 10 in)

- tower, type: designation of the misc
- caliber type: 40 mm CTC (factory designation)
- the number of vezeného ammunition: yet neupřesněn
- machine gun caliber, type: 7.62 mm L94A1
- the number of vezeného ammunition: yet neupřesněn

Drive unit
- type: MTU 8V199 TE21
- fuel: diesel
- cooling: liquid
- number of cylinders: 8 to "In"
- content: 15,9 dm3 (972 cu. in)
- drilling: 130 mm (5.1 in)
- stroke: 150 mm (5,9 in)
- 600 kW (815 HP) at 2300 fig./min.
- transmission type: Renk 256B
- number of gears: 6 forward and 5 reverse

- max. speed: ~70 km/h (44 mph)
- max. range: 500 km (~310 mi)
- slope: 27° (60 %)
- lateral tilt: 18° (40 %)
- výstupnost: 0.9 m
- překročivost: 2.5 m
- brodivost: 1.5 m

Ajax - Šest základních typů vozidel vyvinutých v rámci programu Scout SV.

Šest základních typů vozidel vyvinutých v rámci programu Scout SV.
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According to the findings of the UK Ministry of Defence, the AJAX vehicle has vibration and noise problems that exceed the levels allowed by health standards. Despite multiple urgings from safety authorities, neither the manufacturer nor responsible Army officials addressed the problem until June 2021, when the problems escalated to a halt in all testing. According to the British Defence Secretary Jeremy Quinn, who briefed Parliament on the project on 15.12.2021, the results of the investigations to date have revealed long-standing systemic failures and a disregard for the requirements made by the relevant MoD authorities to the Army and the manufacturer (General Dynamics Land Systems UK). For this reason, an independent investigative body will be set up to examine the safety and procurement 'culture' within the British Army, attempt to identify the misconduct of specific individuals and propose measures to prevent similar failures in the future. The outcome of the inquiry may also determine the future fate of the AJAX project.

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