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  • 1453 - Fall of Constantinople, the demise of the Byzantine empire (1)

    On July 8, 1453, a messenger arrived at Pope Nicholas V. The news he brought shocked Christian Europe. Constantinople, the capital of Byzantine, the former Eastern Roman Empire, which lasted eleven centuries, was conquered by the troops of the Ottoman Turk, Sultan Mehmed II. Fátiha ...

  • 1453 - Fall of Constantinople, the demise of the Byzantine empire (2)

    On July 8, 1453, a messenger arrived at Pope Nicholas V. The news he brought shocked Christian Europe. Constantinople, the capital of Byzantine, the former Eastern Roman Empire, which lasted eleven centuries, was conquered by the troops of the Ottoman Turk, Sultan Mehmed II. Fátiha ...

  • Alexander the Great

    On July 20, 356 BC, Philip's second wife, Olympias, gave birth to Philip II. son Alexander, the future successor of Philip and the legendary conqueror of Asia Alexander the Great (Greek Alexandros Megalo).

  • Alexander the Great

    Persian King Darius III assembled a huge army in Babylon, estimated by some ancient historians to perhaps 600,000 soldiers. According to sober estimates, Darius III pulled out. against Alexander with 200,000 infantry and 10,000 cavalry. He encamped with a huge army in northwestern Syria on a plain near Sochoi, north of present-day Tripoli. in Lebanon

  • Attila

    Hun Grand King in the years 435 - 453

  • Battle of Hattin

    It has been 87 years since the founding of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the Holy Land. The catastrophic defeat suffered by the Christians in the summer of 1187 at the Battle of Hattin heralded the end of the Crusader states in the Levant.

  • Battle of Trafalgar

    One of the most famous naval battles.

  • Emperor Claudius

    Roman emperor Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus

  • Emperor Commodus


  • Emperor Nero

    NERO CLAUDIUS CAESAR AUGUSTUS GERMANICUS - Roman emperor associated with the legend of the burning of Rome

  • Emperor Tiberius

    The Roman emperor in the years 14-37 AD as Tiberius Claudius Nero Augustus Germanicus.

  • Emperor Trajan

    MARCUS ULPIUS TRAIANUS - Roman emperor in the years 98 - 117

  • Erik Thorvaldsson zvaný Erik The Red

    A biography of a Norwegian Viking sailor and discoverer who first entered Greenland.

  • Fernando de Alba

    Don Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, 3. Duque de Alba - He has been fighting in the army since he was fourteen, during the siege of Fuenterrabia. He developed into a good military leader. He put his abilities in the service of the Emperor of the Holy Empire, Charles V, and after his death he was the leader of Charles' son, King Philip II of Spain. He was a tough and cruel religious fanatic by nature.

  • Philip II Macedonian

    PHILIP (FILIPPOS) II. MACEDONIAN - Macedonian king from 356 BC to 336 BC

  • Flavius Stilicho

    West Roman military leader

  • Gaius Marius

    An excellent military leader, reformer and politician. He entered the history of the Roman state with a fundamental reform of the Roman army, in which the recruitment of citizens who did not have land ownership was admitted for the first time. In addition, he reorganized the organization of the legion, whose basic unit became a cohort instead of manipul.

  • Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke

    Chief of the Prussian General Staff and honorary holder of the highest Russian rank, General Field Marshal - his brief biography is the subject of the article.

  • Gideon Ernst von Laudon

    curriculum vitae

  • Hannibal Barkas - Carthaginian military leader

    Hannibal was one of the world's best military leaders in history. His great tactical maneuvering in battles, his strategic planning practically unknown until then, and his legendary army crossing the Alps guarantee him a leading position in the history of warfare.

  • IV. crusade

    In 1198, the Italian aristocrat Lotario, Count Segni ( 1160–1246 ), was elected the new pope. He sat on Peter's throne as Innocent III. ( 1198–1216 ). Shortly after his enthronement, he began to push for the sending of another, fourth, crusade to the Holy Land.

  • Jan Josef Václav Radecký from Radče

    Austrian Field Marshal

  • Juan d´Austria

    Juan d´Austria - Commander of the Spanish Royal Fleet, Spanish viceroy of the Netherlands

  • King Athaulf

    King of the Visigoths

  • King Geiserich

    King of Vandals and Alans

  • Cyrus II Great

    The first king of the Achaemenid dynasty and the founder of the Persian Empire.

  • Leif Eriksson

    Icelandic Viking sailor and sovereign ruler of Greenland

  • Lucius Cornelius Sulla

    LUCIUS CORNELIUS SULLA - Roman military leader, politician, consul, leader of the optimates, in the years 82 B - 79 BC he ruled as a life dictator under the name of Sulla Felix Imperator.

  • Lucius Licinius Lucullus

    Roman military leader and politician

  • Marcus Antonius

    Roman triumvirate and military leader.

  • Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Consul, politician, philosopher and Roman rhetoric.

  • Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

    Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, famous Roman military leader and admiral.

  • Maximilian I

    Archduke of Austria, Emperor of Mexico. One of the few liberal and religiously tolerant Habsburgs, a man who, with his entire life as an idealistic and somewhat impractical dreamer, was so different from his relatives.

  • Mithridatés VI. Eupatór

    Biography of the most important Pontic ruler from the Arsakov dynasty, who waged a long war with Rome.

  • Muhammad ben Abdulláh ibn Battúta

    A biography of the most famous traveler in the Muslim world.

  • Prince Eugene of Savoy

    Generalissimo EUGEN VON SAVOYEN - was a brilliant military leader, a great strategist and tactician. But he was also ambitious and arrogant and was able to benefit financially from the ongoing wars. But he also loved art and collected a collection of paintings by famous painters, and his private library contained over 15,000 books. Despite his mistakes, he was one of the most prominent personalities of his time.

  • Scipio Aemilianus


  • Srebrenica 1995

    Genocide right in front of UN troops

  • Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus

    Roman people's tribune and reformer

  • Titus Flavius Domitianus

    Roman emperor in the years 81 to 96

  • Tomojuki Yamashita

    Biography of the General of the Japanese Army - Conqueror of Singapore.

  • The Huns' attack on the Roman Empire

    Centuries have passed since 753 BC, the mythical date of the founding of the city of Rome. Originally a small Roman city-state struggling for bare existence, over time it developed into a confident republic that expanded its territory at the expense of its neighbors. Memories of the conquest of Rome and the famous statement of Vae victis ( woe to the defeated ) of the victorious Celtic king Brenn have long since faded. Now it was the Romans who attacked ...


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