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Air battles over the Gulf of Germany

The RAF entered the war with faith in the defensive capabilities of fast modern bombers, which can fight their way to the target and back during the day through defensive fighters and anti-aircraft artillery fire. With the outbreak of war, Douhet's theory was tested in practice.
The first victory in Germany's air defense took place the second day after the entry of the United Kingdom into the ongoing war between Germany and Poland. The British goal was to eliminate the threat from the Kriegsmarine. While British ships chased German corsairs across the oceans, the RAF sought to contribute to the war effort by attacks on warships off the German coast and in ports. How the RAF was doing its efforts in 1939 is trying to describe this article ...

Code letters - Jagdverbände der Luftwaffe

From the spring of 1939 it was introduced for a new system of code letters for fighters (Kampfverbänden). The combination of numbers and letters in front of the side cross indicated the appropriate volume to which a particular machine belonged ...

Czechs in the service of the Luftwaffe?

"I report that yesterday in the officers' mess I've been asked by an English Flight Lieutenant - how many Czechs are said to be flying in the Luftwaffe against the RAF? I told him of course no one, as far as I know! But he quoted me the story of a German plane shot down last year over Malta, whose pilot was a drunk Czech officer who was taken to an English canteen, saying that he would rather fly for Hitler than work in a factory!"
Report of Squadron Leader (S / Ldr - major) Vlastimil Veselý from April 20, 1943 to the Inspectorate of the Czechoslovak Air Force in London.

I./ZG 2 over Poland

With the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, fascist Germany unleashed a six-year period of world war. The land, naval and air forces of the two countries competed in an unequal battle. The strategy of the " Blitzkrieg ", supported by an appropriate military force in the service of a monstrous ideology, threw Poland on the brink of extinction. One of the three main components of the German Armed Forces was the Air Force - Luftwaffe.

Luftwaffe in the Protectorate 1943-1944

After the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the recently mobilized airports were transformed into training bases of the German Luftwaffe. During the war, approximately 15% of all German pilot training was concentrated in our territory ...

Suicide attacks by the Luftwaffe?

There are speculations on the web about the suicide missions of the German Luftwaffe. Especially in connection with the Sonderkommando Elbe, there is various speculations on this topic. Our article tries to bring additional information to this issue and thus complete the overall picture, especially about the previous history of the so-called Sturmtaktik.



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