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German Reich / Greater German Reich [1934-1945]


Cooperation between NKVD and GESTAPO - myth or reality?

In recent years, information about the cooperation of the repressive structures of the communist and Nazi regimes has become more and more frequent not only in the borderless areas of the Internet, but has also penetrated periodicals and popular science books. They have also appeared in foreign documentaries and television shows. In order to answer the question of whether it is a false fabrication or a long-hidden reality, it is necessary to become acquainted with the primary sources of this information. Only on the basis of their examination can we find out the truth about the cooperation of the Stalinist and Hitler security forces.

Defense of Brest in September 1939

In 1939, Brest was the capital of the Polesie Voivodeship. It was an important transport hub and military centre of the central section of the eastern part of Poland. In March 1921, under the Polish-Soviet Treaty, it became part of Poland with its fortress buildings.

Kommandoverband Jaguar

During the Second World War, there were situations when their own units in enemy uniforms and with their armament were sent into battle. Sometimes it brought surprisingly good results, but sometimes the "Trojan horse" tactic missed the point and was not successful. Always, but this way of fighting was a big risk for its participants - in case of captivity they could not count on any regrets…

Legion Condor - Hard times

German volunteers on the side of General Franco's nationalists in the Spanish Civil War. Events before the founding of the Condor Legion and the first months of its existence until the spring of 1937.



Ground Forces

Air Force



Allgemeine SS



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Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia-Ukraine conflict. Updated continuously.

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