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Seydlitz: Proof of toughness

The ships that came from the shipyards of Imperial Germany were clearly among the best that carried the waters of the oceans. Tough, well-armored ships with excellent artillery were a constant danger to the British naval forces during World War I. Although there were actually only two major battles, the German ships showed that there were juices on which the British fleet could break its teeth quite well. The battle cruiser Seydlitz also took part in both mentioned battles. He was badly damaged in both, but still suffered a humiliating self-sinking in Scapa Flow.

U 53 - A stormy journey to America during World War II

With astonishment and respect, the American public in 1916 praised the successful breaking of the British naval blockade by the submarine merchant ship U-Deutschland. It reached the undamaged port of Baltimore and, after being loaded with raw materials important for the war industry, again successfully slipped through the blockade and arrived at its home port. In response, the British Navy placed its naval units in front of US ports with the intention of sending the next German commercial submarine to the bottom. They probably succeeded in this intention with the U-Bremen, which disappeared without a trace. Its fate came true at a time when the German front-line submarine U-53 was already approaching the US coast to attack the siege. What happened here and after is the subject of the following pages.



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