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Czechoslovak Legions


1st Czechoslovak Assault Battalion

"A red and white ribbon for Bohemia, a mortal skull for death, there is no life without the Czech state, freedom or death." It was the motto, energy and life philosophy of strikers, which is the name for members of the 1st Czechoslovak separate assault battalion.

Alexander Bridge 1918

After the outbreak of fierce fighting between units of the legionary Czechoslovak Army Corps and the Soviet government in Russia in May 1918, after the so-called Chelyabinsk incident and insidious raids by Czechoslovak trains by Bolshevik units without a previous declaration of hostility, the corps' situation was all the more complicated because its troops fought the enemy's superiority in several isolated groups, far from each other along the Trans-Siberian highway ...


In March, we commemorate the anniversary of the retreat in Ukraine in 1918 and the battle of Bachmač. It was in the battle of Bachmač in Ukraine, where the Czechoslovak army, fighting in Russia in World War I for the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak state, defended this important railway junction during its evacuation from Ukraine to the east.

Bezenčuk 1918

It loosely follows the article Alexander Bridge 1918, Lipjagy 1918 and partially precedes the article Samara 1918.

Cavalry Colonel Miroslav Broz

Biography of the cavalry colonel Miroslav Brož, the Russian legionnaire "Starodružiník" and the first republican cavalry officer, the last commander of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment "Siberian".

Chelyabinsk incident

On May 14, 1918, an incident occurred in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, which changed the course of our and world history.

Chelyabinsk incident 1918

"After the withdrawal of the Czechoslovak Army Corps from Ukraine, after the famous fighting near Bachmač in March 1918, there were difficult negotiations with the Soviet government to move the corps across Russia to the port of Vladivostok, from where the corps was to transport the corps to France on the Western Front. officially part of the Czechoslovak army in France) to continue the fight against Germany and Austria-Hungary, but the Soviet government tried to detain the Czechoslovaks and use their combat potential. enmity between the Soviet government and the Czechoslovak Army Corps. These events became the beginning of the most famous part of the history of the Czechoslovak army of Russia - the Siberian anabasis ... "

Crazy brave pilot

Milan Rastislav Štefánik is known as an astronomer, politician, Czechoslovak Minister of War, general and tireless fighter for the freedom of Czechoslovakia. However, the profession of military pilot also played an important role in his life. Above all, air operations over the Serbian front. As a fighter pilot, he experienced firsthand the collapse of the Serbian front and part of the tragic retreat anabasis through Albania.

Czech company (1914-1916) - I.

About the famous Czechoslovak volunteers in the so-called Czechoslovak legions much has already been written, especially during the so-called First Republic. Members of Czechoslovak legions were then celebrated by law as national heroes. The Czechoslovak legionaries from Russia had the largest representation among them. And since they were as volunteers in the Russian Tsarist Army, they were taken for a very combat-ready military body in this army ...



High Command




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