Nacionálněsocialistický letecký sbor

National Socialist Flyers Corps
Národnosocialistický letecký zbor
Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps (NSFK)
Nacionálněsocialistický letecký sbor
Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps (NSFK)

NSFK NSFK (Nationalsozialistischen Fliegerkorps) - a paramilitary organization training youth to become pilots, navigators, paratroopers and other aviation personnel .This organization was the background and source of the cadre of the future Luftwaffe. Its structure and organisation was, like the National Socialist Motor Corps, modelled on the SA. Membership in the NSFK was voluntary. However, NSFK members were prohibited from membership in other organisations such as the SS, SA or NSKK.

The NSFK was founded in January 1932 at a time when the Versailles Peace Treaty banned military aviation in Germany, replacing the DLV (Deutsche Luftsport Verband), which had been abolished by Hitler's decree in 1937. This made the NSFK the only legal aviation organization of the German Reich. The sport of aviation could then only be practiced within the framework of party activities and in the Luftwaffe.
The National Socialist Flying Corps worked very closely with the Young Aviators Hitlerjugend. NSFK training covered the whole spectrum of activities closely related to aviation, from model building, glider building to flight training on gliders, powered aircraft, including a ballooning course. In this way, talented young people were given free pilot training.

The NSFK was subordinated to the Ministry of Aviation, the chief of the corps from 1937 to 1943 was General Friedrich Christiansen who was replaced by General Alfred Keller from 1943 to 1945. During the Second World War, NSFK members served in the Reich Air Defence.

The NSFK was divided into three main sections :
- Gliding Section
- the powered flying section
- ballooning section

The NSFK owned a total of sixteen sailing schools and four larger schools (Reichssegelschulen). The NSFK also operated a ski school near Zell-am-See in Austria.

Hodnosti NSFK:


Organisational structure of the NSFK :

SkupinaSídlo Velitel
Gruppe 1 Ostland Königsberg Ewald Oppermann
Gruppe 2 Nord Stettin Friedrich-Wilhelm Frodien
Gruppe 3 Nordwest Hamburg Harry von Bülow
Gruppe 4 Berlin Berlin Carl Saucke
Gruppe 5 Wartheland Posen Arno Kehrberg
Gruppe 6 Schlesien Breslau Gerhard Sporleder
Gruppe 7 Elbe-Saale Dresden Otto Zimmermann
Gruppe 8 Mitte Eschwege Elmar von Eschwege
Gruppe 9 Weser-Elbe Hannover Erwin Kratz
Gruppe 10 Westfalen Dortmund Heinrich Sieler
Gruppe 11 Hessen-Westmark Darmstadt Otto von Molitor
Gruppe 12 Niederrhein Essen Hans-Herbert Eggersh
Gruppe 13 Main-Donau Nürnberg Carl Croneiß
Gruppe 14 Bayern-Süd München Carl Braun
Gruppe 15 Schwaben Stuttgart Friedrich-Wilhelm Erbacher
Gruppe 16 Südwest Karlsruhe Zahn
Gruppe 17 Ostmark Wien Simmer

The Third Reich and World War II
Lexicon of German National Socialism 1939-1945
Friedemann Bedűrftig
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Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps.
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