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RUS - PP-19 Bizon

PP-19 Bizon

ПП-19 Бизон

PP-19 Bizon
Originální název:
Original Name:
ПП-19 Бизон
Iževský strojírenský závod , Iževsk
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Hmotnost nenabité zbraně:
Weight Unloaded:
2,60 kg
9 mm
9 mm Makarov
460 1) mm
Délka hlavně:
Barrel Length:
230 mm
Kapacita zásobníku:
Magazine Capacity:
Rychlost střelby:
Rate of Fire:
680 ran/min
Úsťová rychlost:
Muzzle Velocity:
340 m/s
Uživatelské státy:
User States:

1) se sklopenou ramenní opěrkou
s otevřenou ramenní opěrkou: 690 mm

Samopal vznikl zkrácením útočné pušky AK-74 a jejím přerážováním na náboj 9 mm Makarov.
Později se samopal vyráběl v dalších rážích: 7,62x25 Tokarev, 9 mm Browning krátký a 9 mm Luger.
Existují i utlumené verze s integrovaným tlumičem hluku a také pouze samonabíjecí provedení zbraně.
Archiv autora

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Submachine gun was developed as a modular system of components in three rážích and ten structural combinations of the stock, trigger mechanism and integration of the dampers. Although at first glance may resemble a derivative of the AKS74U, Bizon-2 uses a simpler dynamic conclusion, with the maximum unification and the inheritance of components as a modular series of assault rifles of the AK 100 series.

The submachine gun has a barrel long 230 mm, is therefore longer than 206 mm long hlaveń AKS74U. Reliable odlišovacím feature is the use of a bulk drum of the stack is spirally stored charge. Against the first version of the tray is made with the use of plastics. For the ammo 9x17 and standard ammo 9mm PM is the conclusion of an oversized and recoil when the shot is a return spring completely absorbed, what contributes to the controllability when shooting bursts. The use of more powerful ammunition 9x19 Para is possible thanks to the amplification of the return ústroji to
two paralerními springs, which also has the effect of increasing the rate of fire 750 rounds/min against 680 r/min for version for less powerful ammo.

Baffle has two levels of integration - in part screw-on muzzle it is possible to buy the version submachine gun with a perforated main, which ensures that the projectile enters into the absorber to subsonickou speed. Two version even has a folding butt, in addition to the frame structure known from the AKS74U is available to support folded up to cover the conclusion. The trigger mechanism is available in the national version only self-loading or semi-automatic /automatic.

No options are on the contrary the classic AK miřidla and rail on the left side of the frame, is sadly lacking STANAG rails, which are not for sale and guns for airsoft.

3 variants - according to the ammunition :
PP-19 - charge 9x18 - 9mm PM and 9mm PP (Povyšenaja proboimost) - 64 náb. in the tray
PP-19-01 - 9x19 - 9mm Para (9mm Luger) - capacity 53 rounds of ammunition.
PP-19-02 - charge 9x17 - .380 Auto - capacity 64 rounds of ammunition.
About the ammunition in the caliber 7,62x25, which is into the drum can fit 45 pieces, already in the manual "Bison-2" there is no mention.

10 variants - according to the guided through :
Sb. - Frame stock
Sb.01 - Frame. the butt of a gun, sensing the shock absorber
Sb.02 - Vrchí butt
Sb.03 - Top butt, snimací silencer

Only a semi-automatic mode
Sb.30 - Frame stock
Sb.31 - Frame stock, sensing a silencer
Sb.32 - Upper butt
Sb.33 - the Top butt,the sensing silencer
Sb.34 - Frame. butt stock, integrated silencer
Sb.35 - the Top butt stock, integrated silencer

So, the total can be produced at the same time 30 models of guns.

Resources - manuals manual :

- 9 mm pistolet pulemet he s magazinom bolshoi jemkosti modeli "Bison-2",
Rukovodstvo po expluatacii, Ižmaš ?, year ?

- Rukovodstvo after 5,45-mm avtomatu Kalashnikov ukoročenomu AKS74U, Vojenizdat, 1987 ?.
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Quote - velvet :

... is sadly lacking STANAG rails, which are not for sale and guns for airsoft.

The Russian zbraniach, and aj on a Buffalo, sa riley nahrádzajú bočnou trim upevňovanou on kamen mounted on ľavej part of the arms.

In the pictures is a Russian dot sight Kobra EKP 1S-03..
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Submachine gun PP-19 Bison is perceived as unsuccessful, he replaced it with a more traditional conceived a machine gun PP-19-01 Vityaz/ Knight (Витязь)..
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Submachine gun Vitjaz is just another design Bison-2, the difference is only in a return to the classic tray as with the first prototypes and supplementing STANAG railu, who iževské production missed and was one of the reasons why guns are the store unsuccessful. Simple it doesn't even have Vitjaz, because it is big and heavy even in comparison with other Russian submachine guns in caliber 9mm PM.

The reason post processing is the last picture - with the design of the drum magazine which is worth recording into the depths of the internet network, although the machine guns alone is likely to end only in iževském museum of prototypes..
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The post thank you, it's just an interesting design..
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