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SH-2 (122mm samohybná houfnice)

SH 2

The self-propelled howitzer is mounted on an HMMWV 4x4 chassis modified for 6x6 traction. The howitzer was developed by NORINCO with regard to export markets, but due to its size and weight, it is possible that it will also appear in the Marine Corps.

The vehicle was first introduced during the IDEX 2007 trade fair in Abu Dhabi.

The vehicle is equipped with a 122 mm howitzer type PL96 122 mm (Chinese copy of the Russian D-30). Like the PL96/D-30, the SH2 has a brake reversing mechanism mounted above the main guns. The electrically operated howitzer has an elevation of 0 -70 ° and a measurement in the range of +/- 30 °. The howitzer transports 24 pieces of ammunition. The howitzer has a maximum range of 22 km.
The turning radius of the system is less than 13 m. It serves 4 - 5 people and weighs 11,500 kg. The transition between marching mode and firing takes 45 -50 s.
The vehicle is equipped with two stabilizing arms for stabilization during firing. the system can be easily transported by Il-76 or Y-8 aircraft.

Caliber: 122mm
Elevation: 0 to + 70 °
Measure: +/- 30 °
Firing rate: 6-8 rounds/min
Range: 22km (ERFB-HB); 27km (ERFB-RA)
Combat weight: 11.5 tons
Max. speed: 90km/h
Clear height: 400mm
Engine: Diesel with an output of 160kW
Crew: 4-5 men

Howitzer mounting on other chassis 6x6

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SH-2 (122mm samohybná houfnice) - osazení na jiném podvozku

osazení na jiném podvozku
SH-2 (122mm samohybná houfnice) -

SH-2 (122mm samohybná houfnice) -

SH-2 (122mm samohybná houfnice) -

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Jedno spresnenie - podľa môjho názoru sa nedá napísať že húfnica je umiestnená na podvozku HMMWV - už len z toho dôvodu, že toto je označenie konkrétneho programu a typu z produkcie USA. Aj v originále je uvedené The artillery is mounted on a 6X6 wheeled chassis developed from a 4x4 HMMWV-like utility vehicle takže by malo byť uvedené, že húfnica je umiestnená na podvozku 6x6 vyvinutom z vozidla podobného americkému HMMWV... Viem že čína experimentuje s touto kategóriou vozidiel, ktoré sa svojmu vzoru vzhľadovo a výkonovo dosť podobajú.... Ja osobne by som typoval odvodeninu z podvozku QL550 alebo Dongfeng EQ2050, prípadne VAM-T6.
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