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Gustav II. Adolf and his contribution to military art - Part I

Gustav II. Adolf, nicknamed * " Gustav the Great " *, * " Lion of the North " *, * " Golden King " *, * " Gรถsta " * or * " Father of Modern Struggle " *, was a Swedish king in the early 17th century who proved Sweden reformed in such a way that during his reign it became one of the key first-order powers and retained this position until the beginning of the 18th century. Person Gustav II. Adolf is very important especially in the field of military and strategy, because his military reforms influenced the development of military art for the next few centuries and some of them persist in a modified form to this day.

Gustav II. Adolf and his contribution to military art - Part II

In the first episode of this study, we first approached the youth and early reign of Gustav II. Adolf and the political situation in Europe at the beginning of the 17th century. The text ended with a description of Gustav's military reforms. In the second episode, we build on the previous text and take a closer look at the Thirty Years' War and the participation of Gustav II. Adolf in the politics and conflicts of this pan-European conflict. We will describe the most important battles in which the Swedish army took part under the command of King Gustav, the battles of Breitenfeld and Lรผtzen, and find out how Gustav and his generals managed to implement fundamental reforms of the martial arts into real life. At the end of the text we will also approach the circumstances of the death of Gustav II. Adolf and we will look at the last phase of the Thirty Years' War and its outcome.

Marshal Bernadotte (Part 1) - Service in the Army

Great French Revolution brought to the world not only the image of the struggle of the people against hated regime, but also a multitude of heroes and personalities for whom it became a stepping stone to glory. The Grande Armรฉe became a kind of "seedbed" for these emerging heroes who fought valiantly for their ideals. If they were really successful, they rose rapidly through the military hierarchy, and as their fortunes increased, their ideals later were replaced by a lust for power. Some began to hatch their own plans, to pursue their goals, and no longer pursued their military service with the same zeal as in the Revolution. A very controversial figure among Napoleon's of Napoleon's marshals was Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte.

Marshal Bernadotte (Part 2) - Charles XIV. Johan

After he gained the status of a Bonaparte family man, his self-esteem soared. Despite hesitations in the Grand Army and the favour of Napoleon, the Swedish Estates brought him to the royal crown, and he later turned his back on the man who had enabled him to further his life's career.


Erik XIV.

Gustav I.

Gustav V.

Jan III.

Karel IX.

Karel XI.

Karel XV.

Oskar I.

Oskar II.

Zikmund I.




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