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Important people of the history and present from France


Army of Louis XIV. - part 1

Louis XIV he was the most powerful ruler of his time. In order to achieve this position, he had to build a magnificent army that surpassed any other military force in number and training. However, the beginnings were quite rough ...

French Vice-Admiral Charles DEstaing's battles with the British in the Caribbean, 1778-79

In one of those ironic paradoxes of history, the French Vice Admiral Count Charles Henri Hector d'Estaing, who led the first French fleet to North America in 1778 to aid the Americans during their rebellion against the British Crown, never met George Washington. When Major General John Hancock presented d'Estaing with a portrait of Washington while the French fleet was undergoing repairs in Boston in the fall of 1778, the French admiral hung it in the cabin of his flagship, the 80-gun Languedoc.

Marshal Bernadotte (Part 1) - Service in the Army

Great French Revolution brought to the world not only the image of the struggle of the people against hated regime, but also a multitude of heroes and personalities for whom it became a stepping stone to glory. The Grande Armée became a kind of "seedbed" for these emerging heroes who fought valiantly for their ideals. If they were really successful, they rose rapidly through the military hierarchy, and as their fortunes increased, their ideals later were replaced by a lust for power. Some began to hatch their own plans, to pursue their goals, and no longer pursued their military service with the same zeal as in the Revolution. A very controversial figure among Napoleon's of Napoleon's marshals was Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte.

Marshal Bernadotte (Part 2) - Charles XIV. Johan

After he gained the status of a Bonaparte family man, his self-esteem soared. Despite hesitations in the Grand Army and the favour of Napoleon, the Swedish Estates brought him to the royal crown, and he later turned his back on the man who had enabled him to further his life's career.

René Gaston Octave Mouchotte

If fate only grants me a short career as a combatant, I will thank the heavens for having been able to give my life to the liberation of FRANCE. Tell my mother that I have always been very happy and grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve GOD, MY COUNTRY and THOSE I LOVE, and that, whatever happens, I will always be close to her.

Si le destin ne m’accorde qu’une courte carrière de combattant, je remercierai le ciel d’avoir pu donner ma vie à la libération de la FRANCE. Qu’on dise à ma mère que j’ai toujours été très heureux et reconnaissant que l’occasion m’ait été donnée de servir DIEU, MON PAYS et CEUX QUE J’AIME, et que, quoi qu’il arrive, je serai toujours près d’elle.

The secret of Saint Exe

There is perhaps no language into which the Little Prince of Saint Exe (as his pilots' friends called him) has not been translated. In that magical book about the meeting of a pilot and a little alien prince, he captured his own experiences of a failed long-distance flight when he had to make an emergency landing in the desert. Saint Exe was one of those unique artists for whom the world of technology was not only foreign, but also a source of inspiration.

Why was Napoleon defeated?

The causes of the defeat of the best strategist and the tactics of his time, whose war genius was not tainted by defeat.




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