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Bohemia, Czechoslovakia and Czechia (CZK)

Important people from Bohemia, Czechoslovakia and Czechia


1920: Bolshevic secret services against Czechoslowak republic

The effort to secretly influence other states belongs to the roots of the Bolshevik Empire, the Soviet Union. It was taken over by retired KGB lieutenant colonel Vladimir Putin, who conducts the successor - Russian Federation. In fact, in both cases it was an imperial conquest - the acquisition of new territories or at least influence.

Action D

"It is remarkable that family members, especially the wives of detainees, remained completely calm, accepted the detention of the spouses calmly, so that their actions affected our authorities in the sense that they were prepared for this circumstance and that they explain their detainees' detention more as honors (sic!) than as punishment. "

Part of the evaluation report of the Ministry of the Interior of April 1949, concerning action D

Cavalry Colonel Miroslav Broz

Biography of the cavalry colonel Miroslav Brož, the Russian legionnaire "Starodružiník" and the first republican cavalry officer, the last commander of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment "Siberian".

Cholmondeley 1940 - Causes and course of one crisis of the Czechoslovak foreign army

When World War II broke out on September 1, 1939, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our military district commission and then joining the army. The month of September passed, then October and nothing smelled. We learned about the establishment of the Czechoslovak army in the town of Agde and the transfer of our boys from the Foreign Legion to this army. [...] More than once I turned to Captain Michal, Lieutenant Křen and others to tell me what will happen to us. Nobody explained anything to me. They just shrugged and did not speak. At that time, they probably already knew about the consequences of the non-aggression pact between Hitler's Germany and the Soviet Union [...]. It resulted in two extremely serious facts. The first could be called the division of Poland as a boy. So far secret. The second was an instruction from the Communist International led by Stalin to all communists not to take part in the capitalist war. Michal Durkaj, former Spanish interbrigadist, Prague 1985

Citizens of Hostivice in RAF units 1939 - 1945

From 14 to 16 October 2005, friends from the Prague Aviation Archive (PLA) organized an exhibition in the Hostivice chateau focused on natives of Hostivice who served in the British Royal Air Force during the Second World War. In addition to the pilots themselves and their destinies, the secondary theme of the exhibition was aerial archeology.

Cold War pawns

The recently deceased Otakar Rambousek, a legendary agent-walker, was one of at least 280 couriers of the third foreign resistance that the State Security managed to arrest - as calculated by historian Prokop Tomek. Several thousand people who helped them at home were also imprisoned by the State Security. After February 1948, when the Communists usurped power in Czechoslovakia, tens of thousands of people fled to the West - and from their ranks these couriers were recruited.

Czech legend in the English sky

He was a pilot who did not exist before and will not exist. He alone engaged in a duel with the predominance of the enemy. He flew alone, unexpectedly attacking the Germans. He was the best shooter - whenever he pulled the trigger of his machine gun, a German crashed down ...

Czechoslovak fighters in the Battle of France - 1940

The article describes the structure of the French fighter air force in the spring of 1940 and the incorporation of Czechoslovak fighters into it. Furthermore, the success of individual Czechoslovak fighters for individual fighter squadrons ( GC - Groupe de Chasse ) according to the type of aircraft.

Deadly "Storm"

A literally bloody sun appeared in the east. A new day began on August 5, 1995. A mortar grenade, which landed on the observation post of Czech soldiers Tango 23, arrived like lightning from clear skies. Literally a whirlwind of shards immediately took its toll. Two Czech soldiers paid for it with their lives, three others were wounded. The line of Croatian fighters, as if nothing had happened at all, moved on. Operation " Storm " against troops of the Republika Srpska Krajina was drawing to a close. But let's look at this tragic moment in the history of the Army of the Czech Republic in more detail.

Gendarme Josef Bojas - Heroes of Kobylisy

It was on July 8, 1943, when deputations of gendarmes from the entire so-called protectorate had to arrive at the shooting range in Kobylisy - without weapons - to witness unprecedented heroism and love for the homeland. At the order of the Gestapo, four gendarmes were shot dead for resistance activities against the empire. The crime of the Germans was to be a deterrent to others.

Heroes who didn't fit (1)

Originally, it was supposed to be just an article about the unveiling of one memorial plaque. But then it turned out that it would probably be small, even in relation to those who were left with only letters engraved in marble. Remember living, brave people. They don't even have a grave. Their ashes were dumped in the dump of the Mauthausen concentration camp and on roads in the surrounding area. Of course, it is a memorial plaque to 294 heroes of the Heydrich's dead revenge (photo: Jiří Wagner) writing long. Who doesn't want to, don't read it. But everyone should ...

Heroes who didn't fit (2)

In order to best clarify our own history and get rid of all the deposits and propaganda purposeful lies, the study also uses documents created by the "other party" - the Nazis ...

Heroes who didn't fit (3)

After the killing of Heydrich, terror began in the Czech lands that had not been practiced here since the 17th century. However, the Nazis were fundamentally mistaken in assessing its impact. The obsession that Hitler obviously suffered towards the Czech nation and personally towards Beneš led in its political consequences to significantly negative results for the Germans themselves ...

Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Bohumil Záleský

The man who last commanded the so-called "Kornilov Battalion" , otherwise the Czechoslovak Engineering Regiment, which was established in January 1918 on the Don in General Kornilov's Voluntary Army. A man who personally took part in 59 battles with the Bolsheviks.

Letters to Liduška

Memories of a time full of enthusiasm, determination, pride, heroism, ...
... but also betrayal and painful disappointment ...

On enemy side

"Antonín Lipovský, captured by the Americans on August 1, 1944 at Sartilla, as he tried to escape the siege. […] He was called to London for a special interrogation, where he described in detail the organization of the radio service and was able to give the English all the necessary information about the new code, which entered into force on 1 August 1944 (Raste Schlüssel RS 44). I think it would be very useful to gather a facta about the effective assistance of Czechoslovak members by providing the right messages immediately after [their] capture in good faith that they are helping the right party and themselves. I doubt that this help would ever be publicly acknowledged to us. We have not yet fought and it seems that we will be among the last allies in this regard. It will therefore be very important that, on the first occasion of [ground-based] combat success, our participation and participation in the first phase of the invasion be given to English public opinion, at least briefly. Mentions in the English press of the bravely fighting Czechs in the German army have not just benefited us. "

Report of the infantry captain Oldřich Večerek from August 24, 1944 to the MNO in London.

REVIEWS: Radan Lášek - SOS Destination Unit

The publication is devoted to the issue of the security component formed in the Czechoslovak Republic on the eve of World War II. Battalions of the State Defense Guard were to prevent a sudden enemy invasion of Czechoslovakia, and their short-term but stubborn defense was to enable the mobilization and entry of Czechoslovakia. army. The greatest weight of the defensive struggles of the undeclared border war, which were gradually fought against democratic Czechoslovakia by Germany, Poland and Hungary from September 1938 to March 1939, was borne by the members of the SOS. The struggles of the Czechoslovak border guards and the victims from their ranks fell into oblivion with the establishment of totalitarian regimes. The gendarmerie, the financial guard and the uniformed security guard, from whose members the SOS members were recruited, also fell into oblivion. This review seeks to highlight publications that recall their existence.

Slovak duo at the head of the Military Counterintelligence

From 1971 to 1989, only two men served as chief of military counterintelligence, whose lives, ways of working, but also their qualifications were not entirely common and expected. What is particularly striking is the fact that the appearance of reporters at the head of the intelligence service was less frequent. Much more valuable was the blind allegiance to the Communist Party and the ability to maintain military discipline.

Staff Sergeant Stanislav Kuča

Most of the biographies of the participants of the World War 2 is dedicated to personalities of foreign and domestic resistance. However, it is generally forgotten that soldiers and members of other armed forces deployed their lives and health long before the official outbreak of war. One of them was my grandfather Stanislav Kuča.

Strange patriots

The current war is an imperialist, unjust war in which the bourgeoisie of all warring states is equally to blame. In no country can the workers' party, much less the communist party, support this war. The bourgeoisie is not waging a war against fascism, as Chamberlain and the leaders of the Social Democracy claim. It is a war between two groups of capitalist countries for world domination. Klement Gottwald September 8, 1939, Moscow

The Czech national flag

The national flag celebrates its 100th birthday. In the 100 years of its existence, it has "experienced" a lot. It used to be solemnly erected, proudly flowing, and used to be triggered with sadness and tears. As a symbol of victory, it swept over many battlefields of World War II, it fluttered as a symbol of defiance in 1968. Today, fortunately, it no longer has to fly in such turbulent events; Everyone is waving the national flag on hockey. But how many of us know anything about its true history?

The third foreign intelligence department

Thanks to Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek, talk begins again about the third resistance. This is nothing new. We tried to portray it in the television series Czechoslovakia in Special Services, which was broadcast by ČT 2 in 2002, and I included it in the book of the same name.
However, on December 1, 1999, a colloquium on the third resistance was held at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. There I presented a paper, which I am publishing here for the first time.

Twilight of men in blue

"It was cruel because I was still serving as a 'westerner' in January 1949. In the end, we were rewarded in this way - thrown out from day to day. Guards escorted me out of the barracks. It was bitter. I have always stuck to the motto - where it is possible to help, there everyone has to do something for their homeland. Suddenly I was a 'westerner', the one who draws with the capitalists. That was not permissible at that time. "Air Force Colonel Petr Uruba, December 14, 2006

Venture "Vietnam"

In July 1946, I got with my team, which I commanded, into a trap set for us by Vietnamese guerrillas. I fought from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., and only when I saw that I had lost four people did I give the order to retreat. I received a war cross for this activity.
Sergeant-chef František Vaňhara, April 7, 1951




































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