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A man of nine professions

Ensign Pavel Stehlík completed a pyrotechnic and medical course and training focused on air and artillery guidance before joining the mission.
For a soldier who is leaving for foreign missions, a submachine gun, good shoes and a large backpack are no longer enough. The current contingents consist of an increasing number of different specialized professions. There are often even more of them than there are members in smaller units. Therefore, there is nothing left, as in the case of special forces, to engage in several military professions in parallel. And this is exactly the case with pprap. Pavel Stehlík.

A soldier on several fronts

Jaroslav Selner fought not only in North Africa and the Carpathians, but also worked for reporters during the war
Jaroslav Selner was a healer during his varied life. He worked as a pusher, dispatcher, founded a drugstore school in Křivoklát, worked as a secretary of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. Above all, he was a soldier…

Alois Vašátko

Another biography of one of the many brave fighters in the ranks of the RAF.

Double Bohemia Express 45-70 Gov. of Petr Soukup

The rifleman Petr Soukup (* 1976) from Podlesí pod Landštejnem 1 trained - due to the fears of his parents from such a career, even though he wanted to be a rifleman from childhood - a mechanic of machine tools. He then completed post-secondary studies in the field of artistic blacksmith and locksmith in Brno and worked for five years in Náměšť nad Oslavou with the artistic blacksmith Mr. Pavel Tasovský. He wanted to approach his dream of riflemanship by studying the field of small arms at the Military Academy in Brno, but then he left his bachelor's degree and in 2000–2001 completed a retraining course in the field of rifleman at SŠ-COPT in Uherský Brod. He has been doing business independently in artistic blacksmithing since about 2000, and a year later he finally got his weapons. He had his first business in his hometown of Strmilov, then he bought a homestead in Podlesí and settled there. He gradually learned, tested, and then began making Damascus steel knives. In 2010, he completed his interesting double Bohemia Express in the equally interesting caliber 45-70 Government.

Emil Fechtner

He achieved one of the first victories among Czechoslovak pilots in the Battle of Britain, a DFC bearer, died in a collision with another machine in October 1940.

Jaroslav Himr

Brave fighter, commander of the 313rd Fighter Squadron, which fell in 1943 in air combat with the Bf 110.

Kunovice menagerie

The story of the formation of a group of test pilots of the Czechoslovak aircraft manufacturer LET Kunovice.

Ladislav Světlík

He was born on March 23, 1917 in Pilsen, where he also trained as a turner in Škoda. After work, he visited the airport of the West Bohemian Aeroclub at the Plzeň-Bory airport. As part of the event, 1,000 new pilots underwent pilot training here. In the years 1936-37, he completed military training at the School for Professional Youth Aviation at VLU in Prostějov.


He himself was our first state official. Sámo was the head of our first state unit, named after Sámo's empire. Sámo's empire was, among other things, the first state unit of the Slavs.

Stanislav Plzák

This man from Pilsen was born 13.11.1914. He gained basic pilot training in the West Bohemian aeroclub at the airport Plzen-Bory. Then volunteered for the Air Force and in the years 1932-34 he attended training at the School for professional youth air force in the VLU in Prostějov.

The rusty legend of the Iron Captain - part 1

An uncensored painting by Ján Juraj Stanek.
"Iron Captain" Stanek will forever remain one of the most negative figures in the Slovak National Uprising. Even the false legends he spread so eagerly around him would not change anything.

The rusty legend of the Iron Captain - part 2

An uncensored painting by Ján Juraj Stanek.
"Iron Captain" Stanek will forever remain one of the most negative figures in the Slovak National Uprising. Even the false legends he spread so eagerly around him would not change anything.



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