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Father of submachine guns Scorpio Miroslav Rybář (* 12. 3. 1924, † 6. 12. 1970)

Miroslav Rybář was born in Brno-Žabovřesky on March 12, 1924 to relatively young parents ( * 1893 ). And he wasn't the only one, but he still had an eight year younger sister. The family is said to have excelled in longevity, which unfortunately did not manifest itself in him: both parents survived him by a full 10 years. After finishing compulsory schooling, Rybář continued his studies at the Higher Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering in Brno, where he graduated in 1943. He worked here until the liberation of Czechoslovakia, after 1945 he began working as a tool designer. How he got to the weapons is not entirely clear, but he probably worked with Václav Holek for some time and he became interested in weapons. In 1948, he finally switched to weapons construction.

From Czechoslovakia to Africa

General Staff Colonel Vítězslav Josef Rosík is one of the forgotten members of the Czechoslovak army. Like many other Czechoslovak soldiers who fought on the Western Front, he was prematurely retired in 1948 and emigrated a second time. Because he went to Ethiopia, which was not a common destination for Czechoslovak emigrants, and later died there, he was basically forgotten.


Jan Antonín, Count of Rottal

Moravian nobleman from the originally Styrian Rottal family. For many years he held the highest provincial authorities in Moravia and during the Thirty Years' War he became an important figure of the Habsburg monarchy, and his activities eventually exceeded the borders of Moravia. He was promoted to count and received the Order of the Golden Fleece, he built an extensive property base in Moravia for his family. Thanks to the reckless performance of state authorities and the oppression of his subjects, he was nicknamed the Evil Rotal.

The heroic story of a woman of Slovak nationality in the British uniform of Chaviva Reiková during the Slovak National Uprising

There were only hours left until the end of the uprising. Banská Bystrica was reminiscent of a city in danger of extinction in the coming hours. An endless stream of people rolled out of the city. Terrible chaos reigned everywhere. Pubs literally drank alcohol for life. It was as if Judgment Day was approaching. The bank was looted. The guerrillas took all the money a long time ago.




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