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Václav Djačuk I. - Escape and captivity

"... From there, from the gold mine, comes a procession of human ghosts. These people were forced to work hard, almost like animals. But the animals would rebel or die. These would survive. They turned into skeletons. No one will understand how they could survive? skins and bones, without exaggeration. These former people, physically absolutely destroyed, are no longer useful in the gold mine. Their productivity is zero ... ... that's why they are destined for road maintenance ... "

Václav Djačuk III. - Camps of despair

The first winter was the worst. We were not used to such frosts at all, nor were we ready. In addition, we were constantly exhausted and hungry. It was the worst then. Ten to twelve people died every day. And we never found out what happened to them. Heart failure from frost? Gallbladder failure, liver from bad food? Poison? Stroke? ... The man was sitting, suddenly falling over and it was over. Or he just didn't wake up in the morning. Did he fall right at the meal ...

Václav Djačuk V.

This land once belonged to the Yukagirs, Yakuts, Even and their reindeer. The gold-bearing Kolyma that someone cursed. More than the snow-capped peaks of the majestic mountains, the clear water of the Kolyma rivers and the magical beauty of the taiga, the world knows the fates of the people who experienced hell on earth in Kolyma. It is a godforsaken end of the world, where there is no distance for a hundred kilometers and a week's delay means nothing at all. Cursed Kolyma, the golden heart of Russia ...





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