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Lubomír Úlehla I. - Pre-war period and escape to Poland

Ladies and gentlemen, let me start a little unconventionally. Above all, I would like to apologize to you all if my performance today does not meet your expectations. That is, if you are expecting a perfectly prepared lecture, technically grounded and so on. You know, I've done a lot, dozens and dozens of discussions in schools and on different occasions. However, I almost always spoke to the youngest generation, which knew very little or nothing about the issue of the Czechoslovak Foreign Air Force ...

Lubomír Úlehla II. - Via Poland to the Legion

There was such a grove on the Polish side of the valley. Before we headed to it, we automatically looked back. A German soldier with a flint ready to shoot was standing in a meadow on the Czech side. He didn't know… to shoot or not to shoot. However, before he changed his mind, we fled to the forest and he did not know if there was a Polish patrol that would return fire ...

Lubomír Úlehla IV. - 311th

We landed at an airport near London, now I don't remember if it was Croydon or Hendon. At the airport we were surprised by a completely different atmosphere. No mess and confusion like in France, there was peace, order, organization, everything ready. After landing, we went through a cordon of police, they were the typical great Bobby in their high helmets, as we knew them from movies and books ...

Lubomír Úlehla V. - Remembrance of Africa

In 1943, I was released by our government in London to serve in the Army of Free France. I was taken to North Africa with two other friends, the Kozak cousins. By the way, Pavel Kozák then died there and is buried in the air cemetery in Meknés, Morocco. I was assigned to the Free France Air Force (FAFL). I underwent pilot training and flew like a fighter. I experienced a lot of interesting things here too. Not to mention just the sad ones, I would tell you one such incident with a happier ending.

Sgt. Petr Uruba

On the night of February 6-7, 1941, six Wellingtons of the 311th (Czechoslovak) RAF Bomber Squadron launched from East Wretham to attack the French port of Boulogne. The aircraft marked KX-T "Tamara" did not return from the raid. The second pilot of this machine was Sgt. Petr Uruba.



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