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Albrecht von Wallenstein

Some of the citizens know where the upper chamber of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, ie the Senate, sits, in the Wallenstein Palace. This beautiful Mannerist building was created by an important military leader and figure of the Thirty Years' War (lasted in the years 1618–1648) - Albrecht of Wallenstein.

Alois Vašátko

Another biography of one of the many brave fighters in the ranks of the RAF.

Deadly "Storm"

A literally bloody sun appeared in the east. A new day began on August 5, 1995. A mortar grenade, which landed on the observation post of Czech soldiers Tango 23, arrived like lightning from clear skies. Literally a whirlwind of shards immediately took its toll. Two Czech soldiers paid for it with their lives, three others were wounded. The line of Croatian fighters, as if nothing had happened at all, moved on. Operation " Storm " against troops of the Republika Srpska Krajina was drawing to a close. But let's look at this tragic moment in the history of the Army of the Czech Republic in more detail.

He was also Czech

The man, who proved all his life that the word homeland is not just an empty concept for him, was born on August 25, 1908 into a family that immediately contributed to the establishment of Czechoslovakia. His uncle Karel left for Russia in 1912 as a candidate for the professorship and settled in Volhynia.

Kunovice menagerie

The story of the formation of a group of test pilots of the Czechoslovak aircraft manufacturer LET Kunovice.

Lt. Karel Vašátko

Biography of a member and later commander of the 2nd Company of the Czech Company. One of the bravest members of our legions in Russia.

Occupational killer without claim to question mark

Such is the title of the film ( almost one and a half hours long ) about Karel Vaš, a monster who died a few weeks ago. He lived to the glorious age of 96 years, in stark contrast to the fate of the many whose lives he shortened - in the role of informant, investigator, torturer, prosecutor, judge, de facto executioner, to the last breath of a rock-solid communist fanatic, without a doubt about the correctness of all his doing.

September 28 - Feast of St. Wenceslas

Legends are biographies of saints, but these biographies are very strange. Their hero is born only at the moment of his death, when, as a martyr, he lays down his life for faith, or at least he fills with life the life to which he has given the testimony of holiness. Therefore, the anniversary of the saint's death is celebrated in the church as the anniversary of his birth. The legend unfolds the life of the saint in its natural order, from birth, but in turn, from his death. It shows how the fulfillment of the ideal of holiness in this surrender of the soul to God was prepared from birth.

Slovak duo at the head of the Military Counterintelligence

From 1971 to 1989, only two men served as chief of military counterintelligence, whose lives, ways of working, but also their qualifications were not entirely common and expected. What is particularly striking is the fact that the appearance of reporters at the head of the intelligence service was less frequent. Much more valuable was the blind allegiance to the Communist Party and the ability to maintain military discipline.

The long fight of Rudolf Vrba

Rudolf Vrba was not just a man who escaped from the Auschwitz concentration camp and told the world the truth about the extermination of Jews there. He was also a man who had a sharp conflict with Israeli Jews after World War II and whose name is still not well known among Jews.

Vratislav II.

Vratislav II was an important Czech monarch and patriot. He was born after 1031, as the second-born son of the Czech prince Břetislav I. (he ruled 1034 - 1055). After the death of his older brother Spytihněv II. (Czech prince 1055 - 1061) on 28.01.1061 becomes Vratislav II. prince and ruled the Czech state until his death on 14.01.1092.




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