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Silesia, which is now part of the Czech state, is a historically wonderful conglomeration of originally disparate former vassal and other territories, namely the former duchy of Těšín, the duchy of Opava, the principalities of Krnov, Hlučín, the Moravian enclaves and the principality of Nis, ie the remnants of Czech expansion to the northeast.

Ukraine, a European country?

" Ukraine is a European country that shares common history and values with EU countries, " the statement said in a statement emerging from a September summit between Ukraine and the EU in Paris. Europe has indicated that it intends to start the process of Ukraine's integration from next year. Remarkably timed helpfulness. It came after President Sakashvili's disastrous adventure in Georgia and the demonstration of Russian power that followed.

Why does Moldova not occupy Transnistria?

A special relic of the Cold War, which today de facto acts as an independent state unit with the official name of the Transnistrian Republic of Moldova, arose in the dynamic period of the collapse of the USSR. One of the secondary effects of Gorbachev's perestroika was the rise of nationalism and ethnic separatism in various parts of the Soviet empire. An exception was not Moldova, whose high Soviet adopted Moldovan as the only official language in August 1989 and declared the return of Moldovan to the Latin alphabet.




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Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia-Ukraine conflict. Updated continuously.

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