SOV - S-24 (neřízená raketa)

S-24 S-24
Originální název:
Original Name:
neřízená raketa unguided rocket
DD.MM.1954-DD.MM.RRRR Naucno-issljedovatjelskogo instituta rjeaktivnoj aviaci, Moskva /
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Hmotnost rakety:
Rocket Weight:
235 kg 518 lb
Hmotnost hlavice:
Warhead Weight:
123 kg 271 lb
240 mm 9 ½ in
Celková délka:
Overall Length:
2330 mm 7 ft 7 ¾ in
Rozpětí stabilizátoru:
Stabiliser Span:
600 mm 1 ft 11 ⅝ in
Typ hlavice:
Warhead Type:
tříštivo-trhavá High Explosive (HE)
Náplň raketového motoru je tvořena sedmi trubkovými zrny o celkové hmotnosti 72 kg, doba hoření asi 1,1 vteřiny. The rocket motor charge consists of seven tubular grains with a total weight of 159 lb, burning time of about 1.1 sec.
1487 km/h 924 mph
2 km 1 ¼ mi
Uživatelské státy:
User States:


Vývoj zahájen v roce 1954.
Verze S-24 (С-24), GRAU index 9A357, přijata do výzbroje v roce 1964.
Verze S-24B (С-24Б), GRAU index 9A744, přijata do výzbroje v roce 1975.
Hmotnost výbušniny: 23,5 kg.
Rozptyl 4000 střepin: 300 až 400 m podle hmotnosti.
Letová rychlost rakety: 413 m/s.
Development started in 1954.
The S-24 (С-24) version, GRAU index 9A357, entered service in 1964.
The S-24B (С-24Б) version, GRAU index 9A744, entered service in 1975.
Explosive weight: 52 lb.
Scatter 4000 shards: 328 to 437 yd by weight.
Rocket flight speed: 1355 ft/s.
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S-24 missiles were hung on launchers type PU-12-4O/OU/OUD (PU-12-40/U/UD ???), APU-7/APU-7D and APU-68UM/UM2 (APU- 68UM2 is probably in the photos).
There are two versions - S-24 and S-24B, the difference is in the fuel composition of the rocket engine.

The caliber of the rocket is 240 mm, the range of stabilizers is 600 mm, the length of the rocket is 2220 mm.
The weight of the rocket is 235kg,
weight of the combat part 123kg (123.4kg +/- ??? kg),
the combat part contains 23.5 kg of explosives.
The filling of the rocket engine consists of seven tubular grains with a total weight of 72 kg and burns about 1.1 seconds.
The flight speed is 400m/s (410m/s is also mentioned).
The rocket is stabilized by the wings and rotation (the nozzles are tilted a few degrees and the wings have an overhang, which spins the rocket at about 450 rpm). Accuracy reaches 3-4 thousandths of a distance. The range reaches about 2000-2500 meters.
The combat part is fragmentation-jerky (sometimes the cumulative effect is sometimes mentioned), the warhead with internal grooving creates about 4000 shards with an effective range of 300-400 meters, with the V-24A igniter set to delay, the S-24 missile pierces up to 1 meter of concrete. It is also possible to use a non-contact radar lighter RV-24, which activates the combat part about 30 meters in front of/above the target (probably not introduced in the Czechoslovak Army, but it was allegedly used non-contact radar lighter from guided missile RS-2U/UM).

Up to 6 missiles were suspended for Su-22 aircraft, and up to eight S-24 missiles for Su-25 aircraft.
The missile is popular in the Soviet and Russian armies for high efficiency and easy operation.
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An unguided anti-ground missile caliber 240 mm of provenance of the USSR, introduced into service in the 60s.
Designed for destroying concrete and durable support points. adversary, tâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; armored techniques, etc.
V & # 269; s. used by the Air Force in fighter-bomber units & # 367; on Su-7 aircraft (max. 4 pcs for "BM" version and max. 6 pcs for "BKL" version), Mig-21 (2 pcs for F, PF, PFM versions, 4 pcs for "MF" version) and Mig-23 (max. 4 pcs). Its use was also possible on Mi-24 combat helicopters as can be seen from the published photographs.
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A pair of S-24s hung on a Mi-24 helicopter
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When viewed from the rear see the individual dust grains of the engine.
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[quote = "Bery"] S-24.
In Czechoslovakia. Air Force used in fighter-bomber units on Su-7 aircraft (max. 4 pcs for the "BM" version and max. 6 pcs for the "BKL" version),

In Časlav, sometime in the year 84-85, during an alarm, a pair of missiles in the UL was fired, one remained in the gate, the other flew through them and stopped it until the UL was poured against ...
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Ad the case in Čáslav - the launch occurred from Mig-23 aircraft, from the under-tank hangers. Both missiles passed through the doors of the aircraft shelter, one shattered and the warhead remained on the concrete surface in front of the hive, the other ended up in the side embankment of the hive opposite. The rockets were reportedly without fuzes.

The accident was caused by a gunsmith who was zeroing the PUSs on an underslung aircraft. The aircraft technician sustained some injuries, one soldier? was thrown down the stairs into the cabin. The case had quite a bit of publicity in the Air Force, it was one of the biggest technician-inflicted mishaps of the period.
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PUS-36, PUS-36DM (there are more types, practically different types of aircraft ...)
Pribor adjustment shooting range - firing control device - electromechanical device that distributes impulses for firing individual missiles from the missile block (there is one for each hanger of the aircraft). There is a circular group of contacts, an electromagnet, a ratchet, a latch ... a "primitive" stepper drive. Before firing, it should be in the "zero" position, ie in some initial state, which is signaled in the cockpit. If not, a cycle is made and set to the zero position by itself.
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použivalo sa niekoľko typov PUS-ov, služia for the mets NRS or I separate or in raketometoch.
PUS-36-DM ma modes after 1 after 2 and Automatic, použitie MIG-21R,I think that aj on the L-39
PUS-36-68 ma modes after 4 after 8 and Automatic, použitie MIG-21MA,MF
PUS-36-71 ma tie iste modes ako 68-straight but is it possible nulovať without odpalenia rakiet, použivany on the MI-24, MI-17.
SOV - S-24 (neřízená raketa) - a takto vypadaju, konkretne sa jedna o PUS-36-71 z hrabli MI-17, tu sa používajú 4 ks na 6 závesnikov

a takto vypadaju, konkretne sa jedna o PUS-36-71 z hrabli MI-17, tu sa používajú 4 ks na 6 závesnikov
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Good day, does anyone have a photo of the rocket's electrical contacts? are there two or only one?
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I don't have a photo but there are two ignition contacts.
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