Ford GPA Amphibious

G504 Ford GPA
Ford GPA Ford GPA
Originální název:
Original Name:
Ford GPA
Ford Motor Co.
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
5 (?)
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Celková hmotnost:
Gross Vehicle Weight:
2023 kg 4460 lb
Celková délka:
Overall Length:
4623 mm 15ft 2in
Celková šířka:
Overall Width:
1626 mm 5ft 4,01in
Celková výška:
Overall Height:
1683 mm 5ft 6,26in
Světlá výška:
Ground Clearance:
? mm ?
Ford GPA (4 valcový benzínový motor s objemom 2,196 l) Ford GPA (4 cylinders, 134 cu in)
40.3 kW při 4050 ot/min 54 bhp at 4050 rpm
Převodové ústrojí:
Hlavní: 3 rýchlosti
Přídavná: 2 rýchlosti
Main: 3 speeds
Transfer case: 2 speeds
Rychlost na silnici:
Road Speed:
80.5 km/h 50 mph
Rychlost v terénu:
Cross-country Speed:
? km/h ? mph
Rychlost plavby:
Water Speed:
8.9 km/h 5.5 mph
Jízdní dosah po silnici:
Cruising Range on Road:
402.3 km 250 mi
Jízdní dosah v terénu:
Cross-country Cruising Range:
? km ? mi
Jízdní dosah ve vodě:
Cruising Range in the Water:
56.3 km 35 mi
Překonávání překážek:
Obstacles Crossing:
? ° ? %
Boční náklon:
Side Slope:
? ° ? %
Trench Crossing:
? m ?
Vertical Obstacle:
? m ?
Přepravní kapacita:
Transport Capacity:
5 osôb 5 persons
Uživatelské státy:
User States:

V ZSSR vyvyinutá nelicencovaná kópia GAZ-46.

U.S Army Ordnance Corps Supply Catalog number: G504
Soviet unlicensed copy GAZ-46

U.S Army Ordnance Corps Supply Catalog number: G504
Doyle, David: Standard Catalog of US Military Vehicle 2nd Edition; Krause Publications 2011; ISBN 9781440227998
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Ford GPA Amphibious Jeep

Having commissioned Willys, Ford, and Bantam to build 4,500 jeeps (1500 each) in March 1941, the Committee on Motorized Transportation established a project under the direction of the National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) for a 1/4-ton amphibious vehicle designated QMC-4. The MARMON-HERRINGTON Co. (Spec. on Military Vehicles), in cooperation with the SPARMAN&STEPHENS shipbuilding firm and the Ford Motor Company, undertook this contract for the NDRC involving the design of a conversion based on the 1/4-ton vehicle. The goal was to have the vehicle in service for the first landing operations scheduled for September/October 1942.

Design and development work on the prototype hull was completed by Sp&St. in late August, when the standard design for the Jeep conversion was presented. However, the conversion proved to be more complex and the first QMC-4 test vehicles were not available until February 1942.

The Jeep was now in full production at Willys and Ford. The need to have an amphibious landing vehicle later in the year led to the decision to proceed with the order without more extensive testing. In April it was tested on the beach for the first time and the order for the first 5,000 vehicles for Ford was closed. The Ford GPA Amphibian (Seep) was born.

The first Seeps were produced very quickly and so there was an opportunity to test them in the field and to suggest changes for further production based on this experience. There were many faults which, although not fundamental, impaired the field maintenance capabilities and reduced the efficiency of the vehicle. From November 1942 the first necessary modifications were made to the line. Modifications were made throughout production, until June 1943, when it was discontinued. 12,778 vehicles were produced.

The vehicle proved too slow, heavy and clumsy on land, and too small to be suitable for the high seas. The vehicle was used by the Americans in the 9 September 1943 landings in Sicily, where it played an important role, but most of the vehicles ended up in Red Army Land-Lease supplies.

Ironically, the USSR found it so useful in crossing rivers that it became the basis for the development of their own post-war version (see GAZ-46).
Ford GPA Amphibious -

Ford GPA Amphibious -

Ford GPA Amphibious -

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GPAs were delivered to the USSR under the Lend and Lease Act. The vehicles were used not only as command vehicles, but also for reconnaissance tasks.
The popularity of the type in the USSR is undoubtedly evidenced by the copying of the model and the subsequent post-war production of an essentially identical amphibious GAZ-46.
Attached are two images of the vehicles in "Soviet service"...
Ford GPA Amphibious -

Ford GPA Amphibious -

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Under the " Leand - lease " agreement, the Fords were used by the Red Army.
Ford GPA Amphibious - Ford GPA

Ford GPA
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