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Austria-Hungary (RUM)

Category for surface watercraft from Austria-Hungary


A snippet from our navy (ZENTA Protected Cruiser)

Towards the end of the second half of the 19th century, there was a general demand in the Navy for a ship capable of protecting convoys, threatening enemy trade, conducting reconnaissance, or quickly handing out traps — what existing armored cruisers could not do. This is due to its weakness or low speed.

Saint Stephen, the tragic star of the movie screen

He was the worst and yet he became a movie star. He became Goliath in conflict with modern David. Although almost exclusively Hungarian (Hungarian), his strength nevertheless came from Bohemia. And to my own surprise, it had something in common with the cities of Pardubice and Přelouč (I have a personal relationship with both). These are the reasons that made me write about him in the final. And who or what is the mysterious star?
Meet the tragic star of the movie screen, the dreadnought of the Austro-Hungarian Navy SMS Szent István.



Battleships and Battlecruisers

Category for Battleships and Battlecruisers of the Austria-Hungary


Category for Cruisers of the Austria-Hungary


Category for Destroyers of the Austria-Hungary

Torpedo Boats

Category for Torpedo Boats of the Austria-Hungary

Ironclad Warships

Category for Ironclad Warships of the Austria-Hungary


Category for Monitors of the Austria-Hungary

Wooden Ships

Category for Wooden Ships of the Austrian-Hungary



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