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Battle of Abu Kir

In the spring of 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte was planning a major invasion of Egypt. The Directory felt a threat in his person, so he willingly gave permission for the campaign. The purpose of this action was to cut off England from its colonies and endanger the colonies in India.

Shortest war

We know a lot of wars of different lengths from history. Seven days, seven years, thirty years and even a century long. But have you ever wondered how long the shortest war lasted? Believe it or not, it was half an hour. Exactly half an hour and eight minutes. It was not a fight between mafia families or indigenous tribes, but a regular conflict between two sovereign states. It took place more than a hundred years ago on the east coast of Africa, where in August 1896 Great Britain and Zanzibar got into a crossroads, so to speak, (or perhaps crescents - a conflict between a Christian and a Muslim country).

SS Thistlegorm - still full of combat equipment

SS Thistlegorm was sunken by German bombers from KG 26. Thistlegorm is one of the most famous wrecks in the world. It is still loaded with military equipment of all kinds, destined for North Africa, for General Wavell's Crusader operation.

The Fighting Temeraire

The painting that was voted Britain's most popular painting in England. A painting by Joseph Mallord William Turner. What is so interesting about it and what makes it special? What or who is Temeraire? And why it appears here, on a server that is not dedicated to art, but, as the name suggests, war, battlefields, soldiers, weapons and related things. This article can answer all this.



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