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Heavy Cruisers

Category for Heavy Cruisers of the United Kingdom


Battle cruiser HMS Hood part 1

Although British dominance in both battleships and battlecruisers was evident at the beginning of the war, the Admiralty began to fear a weakening of its positions as Germany began building its Mackensen-class battlecruisers. The Admiralty therefore turned to Grand Commander Admiral Jellicoe to give his opinion. Jellicoe said he had enough advantage in the battleship class, but he would lose that advantage in battle cruisers if new ones were not built immediately. He said directly: " Every ship newly built for the Royal Navy must be a battle cruiser. "

HMS Belfast

Visiting London and its surroundings offers many opportunities for those interested in military history.
One of the very interesting objects is located in close proximity to the Tower - it is a cruiser HMS Belfast, the only large warship from the 2nd WW located in Europe.

The best American cruiser?

The last months of World War II have shown that suicide airstrikes are the greatest danger to US warships. Against kamikaze, launched by dive flight against the decks of aircraft carriers, the standard 40mm rapid-fire cannons, the barrels of which were eaten by the decks of ships were not adequate protection. They could not destroy the plane. 127-millimeter dual-purpose cannons proved to be far more effective. It was from this knowledge and from considerations of the best possible defense against kamikaze that light cruisers of the Worcester class were born.




Category for Classes of Heavy Cruisers of the United Kingdom

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