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Baynunah class corvettes

The United Arab Emirates, like other Arab countries in the Middle East, has long had no shipbuilding industry, let alone the ability to build warships. However, this situation is currently radically different. The Abu Dhabi Ship Building, founded in the mid-1990s, is successfully implementing a program to build six modern Baynunah-class corvettes.

Forgotten Saddam's fleet

The Iraqi Navy may have become one of the strongest in the Middle East in the second half of the 1980s. After suffering heavy losses at the beginning of the Iraq-Iran war, it ordered a number of new units in Italy. Although they were all completed on time and the training of their crews began, the handover of the vessels did not take place in the end for a number of reasons.

Frigates MEKO 200TN and 200HN (2) - Greek rivals

During the construction of the Yavuz class frigates, the age-old rival of Turkey - neighboring Greece - also became interested in the MEKO 200 type. In 1989, it ordered four slightly larger and somewhat better equipped Hydra-class units. Shortly afterwards, Turkey decided to acquire the second four improved frigates, completed in the Barbaros and Salihreis subclasses.

Nanuchky for export

Nanuchka-class corvettes were undoubtedly an advanced design for their time, and it was no wonder that shortly after their service in the VMF began, other states also showed interest in them. In accordance with the practice in the USSR, therefore, a simplified export version of Project 1234E was developed, in which the most advanced elements of equipment within the framework of secrecy were replaced by older systems.

South Korean Destroyers KDX (Part 1)

The South Korean Navy has recently become the fifth member of the elite club of shipowners equipped with the Aegis system. The KDX-III destroyers that carry it represent the 3rd generation of home-built destroyers developed under the KDX program for more than two decades. The units emerging from the program currently represent the backbone of the surface fleet.

South Korean Destroyers KDX (Part 2)

The KDX-I and KDX-II class destroyers were followed by completely different and significantly larger KDX-III class units. These vessels equipped with the Aegis system are structurally based on American class A Burke destroyers. They are among the largest in the world in their category and are rightly considered the pride of the South Korean navy.

Thai frigates - Made in China

The Royal Thai Navy is the largest user of export frigates of Chinese origin. At the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, a total of six were bought in two classes. However, the low price of the first four vessels was matched by their quality, and the other two units were completed with extensive German technical assistance.





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