PER - BAP Amazonas (CF-11)

říční dělový člun třídy Amazonas
BAP Amazonas (CF-11)

Short history
North American shipyards Electric Boat Co. (now part of General Dynamics) built in 1934 two river gunboats (Ca & # 241; onera Fluvial) for Peru. However, the company's website is silent about the construction of these ships. Cannon boats were used in the Peruvian Navy (Marina de Guerra del Peru) for patrol service as well as for police and combat operations. They took part in border skirmishes and wars that led Peru with troubled elements and neighboring states. For example, during their 70 years of military service, these ships took part in three border wars with Ecuador.

- product: Electric Boat Corporation, Groton, USA
- designation: river guard and battleship
- Amazonas class
- year of manufacture: 1934
- year of entry into service: July 1935
- year of decommissioning: still in active service
- modernization: last known in 2005
- name: BAP Amazonas
- Code: CF-11

Basic information (stav 2005)
- crew: number of persons not determined
- Displacement: 254 Mg (250 tons)
- length: 46.7 m
- width: 6.7 m
- medium draft: 1.2 m

Drive unit
- engine, number, type: 2x diesel, type not specified yet
- power: 2x 515 kW (700 HP)
- road. sailing speed: 22 km/h (12 knots)
- max. sailing speed: up to 28 km/h-1 (15 knots)

- cannon, number, caliber, type: 2xI 76 mm Mk. 26 (1xI, according to other data the cannon at the stern was removed)
- cannon, number, caliber, type: 3xI 40 mm Mk.3 Bofors
- cannon, number, caliber, type: 2xI 20 mm Mk.10 Oerlikon

Encyclopedic pages such as Wikipedia, in all language versions have the designations of these ships.

The photos used are taken from the sources below.
Technical data processed according to ČSN 011300: Tables SI, Prague 1977.
BAP stands for Buque Armada Peruana (Peruvian warship).

PER - BAP Amazonas (CF-11) - Peruánské říční válečné loďstvo.

Peruánské říční válečné loďstvo.
PER - BAP Amazonas (CF-11) - CF-11 BAP Amazonas.

CF-11 BAP Amazonas.
PER - BAP Amazonas (CF-11) - CF-11 BAP Amazonas.

CF-11 BAP Amazonas.
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