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Battle of Midway

A naval battle fought by aircraft, which marked a major turning point in the war in the Pacific.

In particular, the fate of the vessel

This means aircraft career or " parent aircraft carrier " ENTERPRISE, which in the Czech non-poetic translation works at best as an ordinary COMPANY.

The Pegasus Saga - Part 2: Rocket Boat Killers

The pioneering hydrofoil USS High Point was followed by experimental gunboats USS Flagstaff and USS Tucumcari. Based on the positive test results of these vessels, a new multi-purpose hydrofoil was developed for the US Navy in the late 1960s. Similar units, designed mainly for the destruction of Soviet missile boats, at that time were also required by NATO states. Subsequently, another joint development procedure was agreed on the basis of the American project.

The Pegasus Saga - Part 3: The rise and fall of the winged steed

From the beginning, the PHM program was marked by disagreements between the participants and subsequently also by a large excess of the planned costs. This has led all NATO nations to withdraw from the program. In the end, the US Navy alone bought only six units, which had only a short career and were decommissioned in 1993.

Victim number 881

Hundreds of castaways from the cruiser Indianapolis paid with their lives in the last days of the war for the failure of the American rescue system. Thirsty, the sun and sharks killed them in the Pacific for 85 hours. Captain McVay survived. The Navy turned him into a scapegoat. McVay, who committed suicide, was pardoned by the current American president.



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