Heinkel HD 23

Heinkel HD 23 Heinkel HD 23
Originální název:
Original Name:
Heinkel HD 23
stíhací letoun fighter aeroplane
DD.MM.1925-DD.MM.1926 Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke AG, Warnemünde /
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
První vzlet:
Maiden Flight:
Základní charakteristika:
Basic Characteristics:
Vzlet a přistání:
Take-off and Landing:
CTOL - konvenční vzlet a přistání CTOL - conventional take-off and landing
Uspořádání křídla:
Arrangement of Wing:
dvouplošník biplane
Uspořádání letounu:
Aircraft Concept:
klasické conventional
pevný fixed
Přistávací zařízení:
Landing Gear:
kola wheels
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Hmotnost prázdného letounu:
Empty Weight:
1470 kg 3241 lb
Vzletová hmotnost:
Take-off Weight:
2070 kg 4564 lb
Maximální vzletová hmotnost:
Maximum Take-off Weight:
? kg ? lb
10,80 m 35ft 5,19in
7,64 m 25ft 0,79in
3,40 m 11ft 1,86in
Plocha křídla:
Wing Area:
35,32 m2 380.18 ft2
Plošné zatížení:
Wing Loading:
? kg/m2 ? lb/ft2
pístový piston
Počet motorů:
Number of Engines:
BMW VIA o výkonu 485 kW/660 k BMW VIA, power 651 hp
Objem palivových nádrží:
Fuel Tank Capacity:
? ?
Maximální rychlost:
Maximum Speed:
249 km/h v 0 m 154.7 mph in 0 ft
Cestovní rychlost:
Cruise Speed:
167 km/h v ? m 103.8 mph in ? ft
Rychlost stoupání:
Climb Rate:
? m/s ? ft/min
Čas výstupu na výšku:
Time to Climb to:
4,63 min do 2000 m 4,63 min to 6562 ft
Operační dostup:
Service Ceiling:
6250 m 20505 ft
? km ? mi
Maximální dolet:
Maximum Range:
? km ? mi
2x kulomet Vickers ráže 7,7 mm 2x .303 in Vickers machine gun
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
- -
- postaveny pro firmu Ajči podle požadavků japonského námořnictva na palubní stíhací letoun
- druhý stroj měl motor Hispano Suiza 12Ha
- zdroje se neshodnou, zda byly firmou Ajči postaveny další dva stroje (Ajči Type H), nebo šlo o konverze strojů dodaných z Německa
Balous, Miroslav. Z archivů: Heinkel HD 23 L+K 2007/11.
Green, W.; Swanborough, G. Encyklopedie stíhacích letounů. Svojtka & Co., Praha 2002. ISBN 80-7237-341-2.
Mikesh, Robert C.; Abe, Shorzoe. Japanese Aircraft 1910-1941. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis 1990. ISBN 10-1-55750-563-2.
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Heinkel HD 23

After the end of World War I, Ernst Heinkel worked externally for Caspar-Werke and Svenska Aero AB for a short time, but in 1922 he decided to become independent. And so on December 1, 1922, he founded his own factory, Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke, in Warnemunde. The first fighter type that the factory developed was the HD 23 type for the Japanese Navy. After all, Japan was an important trading partner for the factory throughout the 1920s and 1930s. The Japanese Navy required a type capable of taking off and landing from aircraft carriers, while allowing a safe emergency landing on the water surface. The factory has focused heavily on this aspect. The aircraft received a waterproof hull of the boat shape, a waterproof lower wing with partitions, a discardable landing gear and, in the event of landing on the water, automatic inflatable bags in the fuselage. The fuselage had a metal and wings wooden structure. The aircraft was powered by a BMW VIa engine with an output of 485 kW (660 hp). The first prototype was flown in the summer of 1925, the second a year later. However, the plane turned out to be too heavy and clumsy. Subsequently, in 1927, they were sent to Aichi in Japan. Aichi, who was to manufacture them under license, decided to lighten the plane. A new engine Hispano-Suiza 12H with a power of 450 horses. However, the results did not come and so the Japanese navy rejected this type. Instead of the originally planned HD 23, Nakajima Type 3 was put into service. This aircraft was actually modified Gloster Gambet. Nevertheless, this cooperation with Heinkel was not completely useless for the Japanese aerospace industry, as the production processes and equipment tested on the HD 23 were used in Nakajima Type 3.

Sources used:
L + K 11/2007
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Heinkel HD 23 - S motorem BMW.

S motorem BMW.
Heinkel HD 23 - S motorem Hispano.

S motorem Hispano.
Heinkel HD 23 - S motorem Hispano.

S motorem Hispano.
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Heinkel HD 23 -

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Heinkel-HD-23-t66625#235896 Version : 0
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