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Siebel Si 204

Přehled verzí

Siebel Si 204 V1 was flown on May 23, 1941. In serial production was referred to as Si 204 A-1. A year later, the Si 204 D was launched.
Prototypes Si 204 D V22,23 and aircraft Si 204 E-0 were equipped with a dorsal turret DL 131 with one machine gun [url = http : //] MG-131[/url] caliber 13 mm and could carry a bomb load on the outer hangers up to 1000 kg.

Production of Si 204:
SNCAC - 168 pieces - 147 taken over by Luftwaffe
Aero - 515 pieces
BMM - 491 pieces

Post-war production:
Aero - 172 pieces - Si 204 D under the designation C-3 a [b:aaaaaa ] C-103
SNCAC - 350 pieces - Si 204 D under the designation Nord NC.701 a Si 204 A as Nord NC.702. Both types were named Martinet. These machines were equipped with Renault-12 S-00 engines (copy of Argus As 411 TA-1)

Many aircraft fell into the hands of the Allies, Great Britain, Soviet Union, Switzerland.
Several machines served at the RAF base in Brize Norton in Surrey.
After the war, [204:aaaaaa] Si 204 D (Werk-Nr.322167) was used in the Netherlands as a flying laboratory.

Most Martinets were taken over by the French Air Force, used as transport aircraft (even in the Vietnam War).
Two planes were buried by Sweden.
In 1947, the Polish airline Lot purchased seven aircraft marked NC.701.

Source: Luftwaffe Aircraft Part 2 ISBN 80-901976-3-9
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also used for liaison duties and as a light bomber in night jamming squadrons - deployed in combat mainly on the Eastern Front.

Some versions had a gun turret for rear and upper hemisphere defence.
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Siebel Si 204 - Siebel Si 204 E-0

Siebel Si 204 E-0
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Attacking German "bomber" in the movie Wolf Holes, Czechoslovakia 1948
Siebel Si 204 -

Siebel Si 204 -

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