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SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet)

Originální název:
Original Name:
protiletadlový raketový systém blízkého dosahu
DD.MM.2018-DD.MM.RRRR Saab Dynamics AB, Karlskoga
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
dodávky / deliveries:

Argentina / Argentina:
- 2018-2020: ? (hodnota kontraktu cca 378 milionů SEK) / ? (contract value ca 378 million SEK)
- 2022 (objednávka / order): ?

Brazílie / Brazil:
- 2019-2020: (50 ? odpalovacích zařízení) / (50 ? launchers)

Česká republika / Czech Republic:
- 2020-2021: 16 odpalovacích zařízení (hodnota kontraktu cca 366 milionů SEK) / 16 launchers (contract value ca 366 million SEK)
- 2020 (objednávka / order): ~156 střel BOLIDE (MK3) / ~156 BOLIDE (MK3) missiles

Singapur / Singapore:
- 2019: ? střel BOLIDE (MK3) (50 ? odpalovacích zařízení) / ? BOLIDE (MK3) missiles (50 ? launchers)
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
DD.09.2011 první veřejná prezentace RBS-70 NG na veletrhu DSEi (Defence & Security Equipment International) / the first public presentation of RBS-70 NG at DSEi (Defence & Security Equipment International) exhibition
Střela / Munice:
Missile / Ammunition:
RB90 (MK2)
Odpalovací / Palebné prostředky:
Launch / Firing Means:
přenosná trojnožka / man-portable tripod
Prostředky velení, řízení a průzkumu:
Command, Control and Surveillance Means:
nejsou integrální součástí systému / not an integral part of the system

(Česká republika / Czech Republic: ReVISOR + RACCOS)
Prostředky technického zabezpečení:
Technical Support Means:
diagnostická souprava / diagnostic set
Výcvikové prostředky:
Training Means:
simulátor RBS-70
Uživatelské státy:
User States:

firemní materiály Saab Group
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RBS-70 NG (New Generation) is so far the last generation of portable (in my opinion rather portable) PLRK type RBS-70 developed by the Swedish company SAAB.

Its military trials were completed in Sweden at the end of 2011 (if I understood the company's representative correctly, perhaps in November 2011) with the participation of representatives of several dozen countries. I had the opportunity to play with this set a bit and I can say that its operation is very simple. I fired my first "rocket" (of course only by simulation) after about a minute of instruction (in English) and I immediately hit the target (maybe a coincidence or a simulator setting?). As a shooter used to sets 9K32M Strela-2M a 9K38 Igla I had only one problem fired from the shoulder - movement coordination - control of the set is performed only with hands, not with the whole body, similar to eg in 9K35M Strela-10 [ / url]. After rough guidance of the set towards the target, the target is found in the sight, turning the wrist of the left hand to each other turns on the laser irradiator (I was warned that I must hold my hand in this position until the target hits, otherwise the laser beam turns off), system in it indicates to the sight the capture of the target, which the shooter confirms by pressing the button (with the thumb of the left hand), which "locks" the target. Pressing the next button (again with the thumb of the left hand) will launch the rocket. The simplicity and comfort of control (the shooter sits, does not have to hold 10-15 kg of the racket on the shoulder, etc.) is, in my opinion, balanced by two shortcomings - the first is that it is not guided "Fire and forget" - the set must irradiate the target to the end flight of the missile (which on the other hand allows the shooter in case of need to correct the flight of the missile), the second is the dimensions of the set. Bolide's own rocket (below it is a screen on which the airspace was simulated) [url=]
Custom set:

Source: own experience, own photo
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RBS-70 NG for the Czech army

Deputy minister of defense for the management of the Section of armaments and acquisitions Daniel Koštoval, the director of the aid Ministry of defense major-general Jaromír Zůna and a representative of the company Saab Dynamics AB Kristian Wallin on Tuesday 18. December 2018 symbolically in the areas 25. anti-aircraft missile regiment in Strakonice signed a contract to supply 16 sets of anti-aircraft missile system RBS-70 NG.

Equipment in the arsenal of the Czech army to replace morally and technically outdated soviet anti-aircraft missile means of 9K35M Strela-10M (or their Czech modernization of the S-10M2D/IFF), established in the arsenal 3. and 4. anti-aircraft missile batteries 252. anti-aircraft missile section. Deliveries in the total value of 1 148 317 906,63 Czk including VAT (365 853 147 SEK excluding VAT) will take place in the years 2020 to 2021.

The estimated scope of supply:

Gun part

Launchers RBS-70 NG
Additional components of the launcher
Device support IFF (identification of own-alien)
Equipment training
Equipment maintenance and logistics
Sets of spare units
Set spare parts
personnel Training weapon parts
Part of the command and control, integration into the RACCOS

a Means of command and control of the firing element (TePP NG)
Integration RACCOS[/b]19-
Sets of spare parts for TePP NG
Training of personnel for the area of the C2 (command and control)
Kit camouflage

Set camouflage M-BF-RBS/H (mountain)
Delivery of missiles to vojskovým testing

Rocket MK2

In connection with the anticipated introduction of the system RBS-70 NG (to the signing of the contract occurred with a considerable delay until the end of 2018) to the armament of the Czech army implemented a project of the defence research and development TePP NG – the Integration of shorad system RBS-70NG to ASVŘP. The Program was solved by RETIA over the years 2014 to 2016 and the total recognized costs to be paid from the budget Ministry of defense reached the amount of 27 525 000 Kč. The main reason for this was the inability to connect the new RBS-70 NG for the help of the existing TePP (Terminal of the firing element) to ASVŘP (automated system of command and fire control) RACCOS and then the effort to increase the combat capacity of controlled firing elements by extending the functionality of TePP on the function of the command to match the needs of the squad leader. In the framework of the project was therefore to address the issues of:
- integration of the RBS-70 NG to ASVŘP RACCOS;
- functional, system and technical architecture means that integration will ensure (TePP NG);
- new application software to support the functions of the C2 (Command and Control - command and control) and the steps of the TLP (Troop Leading Procedures - the procedures the management of the troops);
- new application software to support otherwise handled or completely new technical features its own firing element;
- optimization of the communication system;
- technical implementation of the TePP NG in the form of a prototype.

In the framework of the project solution, or perform military tests developed by the terminal of the firing element TePP NG, took place at the end of October 2015 and the first sharp shooting from an ensemble of RBS-70 NG on the territory of the Czech republic, which took place at the shooting range Podvoří in the military area Boletice.

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The first sharp shots from a portable anti-aircraft missile set RBS-70 NG in the Czech Republic, abbreviated military tests TePP NG, shooting range Podvoří, October 26, 2015.
Source: information-service / news / strakonicti-soldiers-for the first time-shooters-from-the-anti-aircraft-set-new-generation-116110 /

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

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Military tests of RBS-70 NG for the Czech Army, Boletice Military District, autumn 2019.
Photos: Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic -

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

SWE - RBS-70 NG (protiletadlový raketový komplet) -

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