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  • 2S25 Sprut-SD

    The development of the 2S25 fighter was started on the basis of the assignment of the Russian airborne troops, which required a new airborne machine designed to fight the enemy's armored vehicles. Construction work on the new vehicle began at the Volgograd Tractor Plant probably in 1994, based on the BMD-3 airborne vehicle.

  • 9K11 Maljutka

    Portable anti-tank missile system

  • AMX-56 Leclerc

    Brief history of the development of this French tank + technical data

  • Challenger II

    Challenger 2 is a product of the British armaments industry offered as a replacement for the obsolete tanks of the British Army Chieftain and Challenger 1.

  • Ethiopia - Eritrean conflict

    History of the fighting on the Horn of Africa

  • FGM-148 Javelin

    Portable anti-tank missile set of medium range with a passive self-guidance device of the Fire and forget type fired from the shoulder or vehicles.

  • Leopard 2A6

    brief history of the development of this tank + technical parameters

  • M1131 Stryker FSV

    Fire support vehicle

  • M1A2 Abrams

    The M1A2 Abrams is a major type of US armor. It replaced the M60A1 tank and was put into service in 1990. The design of the tank places particular emphasis on the safety of the crew and the modern method of combat.

  • Mil Mi-24D

    Twin-engine combat helicopter with transport options of the classic concept with a five-blade main rotor and three-blade balancing rotor, designed for direct support of ground units, destruction of armored targets and transport of persons or cargo.

  • Use of helicopters against armored targets

    A wide range of main, anti-tank, anti-ground and anti-aircraft weapons also corresponds to the diverse purpose and combat use of helicopters. The anti-tank armament of helicopters is intended for combat with tanks and armored vehicles, which consists mainly of anti-tank guided missiles, but also unguided missiles.

  • Anti-tank means and possibilities of tank protection

    The basic role of anti-tank means is to disrupt or completely destroy the combat effectiveness of the tank. Means for the destruction of tank equipment are designed to interfere with the action of three basic components of the combat capability of the tank: mobility, firepower and actionability of the crew.

  • RPG-7

    RPG-7 is a weapon designed to destroy tanks, self-propelled guns and other enemy armored vehicles. In addition, the armor can be used to silence and destroy enemy manpower hidden in light-type shelters as well as in buildings.

  • Somalia (1991-1993)

    Somali Civil War (background, possible causes and consequences)

  • Somalia (1992-1995)

    Overview of military and humanitarian operations in Somalia (1992-1995)

  • The Somali-Ethiopian War of Ogaden

    In 1977, several years of hostility between Ethiopia and Somalia caused by the disputed territory on the common border turned into an open war, which continues in this territory with short breaks to this day.

  • T-72M3 CZ

    The T-72M3 CZ and T-72M4 CZ tanks are Czech modifications of the Soviet medium tank T-72.

  • T-80U

    Brief history of origin + technical data of this tank.

  • T-90S

    In the second half of the 90's factory Uralvagonzavod developed and started to mass-produce tank T-90S, as a new generation of "raketno-pušečnyj" tanks, including the best know-how of the tanks T-72 and T-80.


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Kříž www.valka.cz

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Řád 17. května

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Hrdina serveru www.valka.cz

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Čestná legie serveru www.valka.cz

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Medaile za příspěvky do Faleristiky

Kříž za zásluhy o Jednotky

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Kříž za příspěvky do Jednotek


Čestná stuha účastníka súťaže

Medaile 28.října 1918 - bronzová

Řád rudé zástavy

Ehrenblatt Spange des Deutschen Heeres

Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse (1914)

Řád odvahy

Defence Medal

Medaila za vernosť OS SR I. stupňa

Za službu v mierových misiách

Odznak náčelníka Gen. štábu II. triedy

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