Bloch MB.130 M.4

Bloch MB.130 M.4 Bloch MB.130 M.4
Originální název:
Original Name:
Bloch MB.130 M.4
víceúčelový bojový letoun multi-role combat aeroplane
DD.MM.1934-DD.MM.1934 Société des avions Marcel Bloch, Courbevoie /
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
První vzlet:
Maiden Flight:
Základní charakteristika:
Basic Characteristics:
Vzlet a přistání:
Take-off and Landing:
CTOL - konvenční vzlet a přistání CTOL - conventional take-off and landing
Uspořádání křídla:
Arrangement of Wing:
jednoplošník monoplane
Uspořádání letounu:
Aircraft Concept:
klasické conventional
zatahovací retractable
Přistávací zařízení:
Landing Gear:
kola wheels
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Hmotnost prázdného letounu:
Empty Weight:
3537 kg 7798 lb
Vzletová hmotnost:
Take-off Weight:
6570 kg 14484 lb
Maximální vzletová hmotnost:
Maximum Take-off Weight:
? kg ? lb
18,940 m 62ft 2in
15,560 m 51ft
5,800 m 19ft
Plocha křídla:
Wing Area:
? m2 ? ft2
Plošné zatížení:
Wing Loading:
? kg/m2 ? lb/ft2
pístový piston
Počet motorů:
Number of Engines:
Gnome-Rhône 14Kdrs vzduchem chlazený přeplńovaný dvouhvězdicový čtrnáctiválec o vzletovém výkonu 743 kW (1 010 k) a 809 kW (1 100 k) v h= 2 600 m.
Vrtule trojlistá.
Gnome-Rhône 14Kdrs fourteen-cylinder two-row air-cooled supercharged radial engine rated at 996 hp for take-off and 1,085 hp at 8,530 ft,
driving a three-blade propellers.
Objem palivových nádrží:
Fuel Tank Capacity:
? ?
Maximální rychlost:
Maximum Speed:
340 km/h v 4000 m 211.3 mph in 13123 ft
Cestovní rychlost:
Cruise Speed:
280 km/h v ? m 174 mph in ? ft
Rychlost stoupání:
Climb Rate:
? m/s ? ft/min
Čas výstupu na výšku:
Time to Climb to:
? min do ? m ? min to ? ft
Operační dostup:
Service Ceiling:
8500 m 27887 ft
1300 km 807.8 mi
Maximální dolet:
Maximum Range:
? km ? mi
1x pohyblivý kulomet MAC 1934 ráže 7,5 mm v předním střelišti,
1x pohyblivý kulomet MAC 1934 ráže 7,5 mm ve hřbetní střelecké věži a
1x pohyblivý kulomet MAC 1934 ráže 7,5 mm ve spodním střelišti.
Pumový náklad: do 800 kg (4x 200 kg puma nebo 6x 100 kg puma nebo 8x 50 kg puma nebo 64x 10 kg. puma).
One flexible 0.295 inch MAC 1934 machine-gun mounts in the nose,
one flexible 0.295 inch MAC 1934 machine-gun mounts in the dorsal turret and
one flexible 0.295 inch MAC 1934 machine-gun mounts in the ventral gondola.
Bomb load: Up to 1,760 lb (four 440 lb or six 220 lb or eight 110 lb or sixty-four 22 lb of bombs).
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
Viz historie letounu. The French Aviation Ministry request for a reconnaissance and tactical bomber. The MB.130 was an all-metal, twin-engine, low-wing monoplane with retractable landing gear.
Raymond Danel and Jean Cuny, L'aviation française de bombardement et de renseignement 1918–1940 Docavia N°12, Editions Larivière
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Brief history:

In August 1933 declared a technical service of the French air force competition for multifocal combat aircraft (Multiplace de combat). This category of aircraft was at the time quite often required letectvy of many states and the French air force was not in this respect an exception. Aircraft in this category should be able to perform many tasks without the support of your own fighters.
The competition was entered by a total of eight projects, but two projects remained only at this stage, built it was, therefore, a total of six prototypes Amiot 144, SAB AB-80, Breguet Bre 460, Farman F.420, Potez 540 and Bloch MB.130. the latter prototype was declared the winner of the competition although did not reach the higher performances than the competition.
The aircraft was a biplane, with all-metal construction, a rather square and ugly shapes, resting on a solid chassis archaic appearance. The French ministry of aviation ordered 40 aircraft, of course, under the condition that a hard, heavily faired landing gear will be replaced by the landing gear retractable, this change soon I can appeared even on the prototype.
Soon after the signing of the contract itself, the company Bloch acknowledged that this aircraft with its weak performances can't perform any combat tasks and began with the development of the modern aeroplane MB.131. Bloch MB.130 therefore, the production did not get and remained only in a single copy.

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The aircraft was armed with machine guns MAC 34, 7.5 mm

Bloch MB.130 M.4 -

Bloch MB.130 M.4 -

Bloch MB.130 M.4 -

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