Republic F-105F Thunderchief

EF-105F / F-105F (WW)
Republic F-105F Thunderchief Republic F-105F Thunderchief
Originální název:
Original Name:
Republic F-105F Thunderchief
stíhací-bombardovací letoun fighter-bomber aeroplane
DD.06.1963-DD.12.1964 Republic Aviation Corp., Farmingdale, New York
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
První vzlet:
Maiden Flight:
11.06.1963 F-105F
15.01.1966 EF-105F
Základní charakteristika:
Basic Characteristics:
Vzlet a přistání:
Take-off and Landing:
CTOL - konvenční vzlet a přistání CTOL - conventional take-off and landing
Uspořádání křídla:
Arrangement of Wing:
jednoplošník monoplane
Uspořádání letounu:
Aircraft Concept:
klasické conventional
zatahovací retractable
Přistávací zařízení:
Landing Gear:
kola wheels
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Hmotnost prázdného letounu:
Empty Weight:
13798 kg 30419 lb
Vzletová hmotnost:
Take-off Weight:
23622 kg 52077 lb
Maximální vzletová hmotnost:
Maximum Take-off Weight:
24757 kg 54580 lb
10.59 m 34 ft 9 in
20.42 m 67 ft
6.12 m 20 ft 1 in
Plocha křídla:
Wing Area:
35.77 m2 385 ft2
Plošné zatížení:
Wing Loading:
673.78 kg/m2 138 lb/ft2
jednoproudový turbojet
Počet motorů:
Number of Engines:
Pratt & Whitney J75-P-19W o tahu 76,50 kN / 117,88 kN s přídavným spalováním Pratt & Whitney J75-P-19W, thrust 17200 lb.s.t. / 26500 lb.s.t. with afterburner
Objem palivových nádrží:
Fuel Tank Capacity:
4391 l
1476 l pomocná nádrž
2x 1703 l přídavná nádrž
1x 2460 l přídavná nádrž
1160 US gal
390 gal auxiliary tank
2x 450 gal drop tank
1x 650 gal drop tank
Maximální rychlost:
Maximum Speed:
1431.7 km/h v 10973 m 889.6 mph in 36000 ft
Cestovní rychlost:
Cruise Speed:
959.3 km/h v ? m 596.1 mph in ? ft
Rychlost stoupání:
Climb Rate:
129.5 m/s 25500 ft/min
Čas výstupu na výšku:
Time to Climb to:
? min do ? m ? min to ? ft
Operační dostup:
Service Ceiling:
7498 m 24600 ft
850.1 km 528.2 mi
Maximální dolet:
Maximum Range:
2407.6 km 1496 mi
1x kanon M61A1 Vulcan se zásobou 1028 kusů munice

do pumovnice, na čtyři podkřídlové a jeden podtrupový závěsník bylo možné umístit 7 484 kg výzbroje:
- neřízené pumy (M117, Mk.82, zápalné pumy,...)
- raketnice pro neřízené rakety (LAU-3/A nebo LAU-18/A)
- řízené střely AGM-12 Bullpup
- kontejnery pro radioelektronický boj ALQ-71 nebo ALQ-78

Stroje upravené v rámci programu Wild Weasel II mohly používat protiradiolokační střely AGM-45 Shrike
1x M61A1 Vulcan cannon, 1028 rounds

16500 lb of ordnance on one internal and five external stores staitons:
M117, Mk.82 and other bombs
LAU-3/A or LAU-18/A rocket launchers
AGM-12 Bullpup
ALQ-71 or ALQ-78 ECM pods

Wild Weasel machines were equiped with AGM-45A Shrike
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
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Kinzey, Bert. F-105 Thunderchief in Detail and Scale. Aero Publishers, Fallbrook 1982. ISBN 0-8168-5020-8.
Neubeck, Ken. F-105 Thunderchief in Action, No.185. Squadron/Signal Productions, Carrollton 2002. ISBN 89747-447-3.
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Republic F-105F Thunderchief

A two-seat trainer version developed from the year 1962. Compared to single-version F-105D with her extended hull and a reduced supply of fuel, which were the changes forced by the need of building a second cockpit for the instructor. Bangladesh was virtually identical with that in version F-105D. SOP has been for variants of the F a higher and wider. The first batch of F-105F received 4. tactical fighter wing in December 1963. Each squadron of the u.s. air force using the type of the F-105 was used in at least one machine version of F. Many of the F-105F have been deployed in the Vietnam war, where he flew bombing missions together with jednomístnými F-105D.

From January 1966, it was companies of the Republic in the framework of the programme of Wild Weasel II, edited 86 two-seat F-105F for the mission to suppress enemy air defense, on the vietnamese battlefield. This version was unofficially known as the EF-105F, in June 1967, receiving such modified aircraft, the official designation of the (F-105F (WW). The EF-105F were equipped with a means for conducting electronic warfare. To the destruction of the vietnamese radars aircraft used missiles AGM-45 Shrike. The EF-105F departed the first mission over North Vietnam in June 1966. In contrast to the single F-105D here have been operationally used until the end of the us presence in southeast Asia.

19. April 1967 led the crew, which consisted of Maj. Leo To. Thorsness (pilot) and Capt. Harold Johnson (the operator el. systems), above the "North" formation Kingfish consisting of the aircraft, the EF-105F. After a "Thudy" attack on one operating section equipped with a complex of the S-75/SA-75 hostile MiG-17 shot down wingmana with volacím sign of Kingfish 02. Thorsness and Johnson (they flew in the machine serial number 63-8301, callsign Kingfish 01) then secured the cover of the operation to rescue the sestřelené of the crew, while the gun M61A1 themselves destroyed two of Mig-17. Then, what vypotřebovali all munitions, were "bait" for the other severovietnamské fighter to odlákali their attention from the rescue effort (which ultimately was unsuccessful). Maj. Thorsness for his heroism he received the Medal of honor, Capt. Johnson then Cross force. Thorsness and Johnson, who have served in 357. TFS subordinate 355. TFW, they themselves were in a few days shot down and taken prisoner..
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F-105F-1-RE (EF-105F) Thunderchief (serial number 63-8301, "Jinkin Josie"), the 357th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 355th Tactical Fighter Wing, Takhli, Thailand, 1968. Crew of the aircraft consisted of Capt. Vern Harris (pilot) and Capt. Kim Pepperell (EWO). The aircraft is under the wing podvěšeny missiles AGM-45 Shrike and probably the cougars , the CBU-24/B..
Republic F-105F Thunderchief -

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Republic F-105F Thunderchief -

Republic F-105F Thunderchief -

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The previous ones were with kamo from Vietnam, this is from the post-war period.
Republic F-105F Thunderchief -

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Two F-105 Wild Weasels flying over Vietnam. In the foreground is an F-105F and behind it is an F-105G.
Republic F-105F Thunderchief -

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Republic F-105F-1-RE Thunderchief (serial number 62-4417) displayed in the 116th TFW (Georgia ANG) markings at the Hermeskeil Air Museum. (photo ©Radek Havelka)

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