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Chieftain - British heavyweight

Opinions differ on what the ideal tank should look like on the battlefield. Everyone knows the three basic parameters, firepower, mobility and armor protection, but each design school has its own ideas about what their ideal ratio is and which one is more important. The British had a different view on the whole matter than the Soviets, the Germans or the Americans.

Chieftain - Manipulations with export

The first FV 4201 arrived in Germany to verify how the new tank would withstand first line operations. Tank regiments were to express their opinion and propose possible changes so that the tank would be able to be included in series production as soon as possible. The program was already slipping against the plan anyway.

Cruiser Tank Mk.III - Christie's chassis the english way

Britain was the cradle of tanks. However, in the interwar period, it lost its leading position. The actively cooperating Germany and the Soviet Union came to the fore. Under pressure from growing armaments on the continent, Britain was forced to do something about the situation. Therefore, the development of new armored vehicles was started.

Cruiser Tank Mk.IV - Correction of deficiencies

The new A13 Mk.I Cruiser Mk.III tank became the basis of a long line of armored vehicles. The use of the Christie chassis had a great deal of credit for that. However, before the British reached the successful tanks, they had to eliminate the childhood diseases that accompany every novelty.

How the tank was born

Wars have accompanied humanity since time immemorial. And they are evolving with him. The twentieth century marked a huge turning point. Man invented armored tracked vehicles and with their help swept away all the usual habits of fighting. Let us now return to the very beginning of everything and step by step follow the development of ground technology in the world and in our country.




















Sherman I

Sherman II


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