Antonov An-24 [kód NATO: Coke]

Přehled verzí

Antonov An-24 - track version[/heading]
An-24 - turbo-prop aircraft for regional transport, 32 seats, engines AI-24; 5 prototypes
An-24A - the serial variant, 50 seats; originally should have engines NK-4; approx 120 pcs
An-24B - the main variant, a variable interior with a differently placed windows and doors, up to 50 seats, later adjusted the flaps and the auxiliary tanks in the wing; approx 350 pcs
An-24V - export variant of the An-24B with avionics according to the target customer, and a slightly higher useful load; approx 350 pcs
An-24T - tactical transport aircraft with a cargo ramp; 165 pcs
An-24TV - export subvarianta with a slightly different avionics
An-24RT - tactical transport aircraft with a cargo ramp and the starting jet engine; 62 pcs
An-24RV - variant of the An-24B/V, with a starting jet engine; approx 350 pcs + conversion

An-24PS - a prototype of the maritime rescue variants with radar and optical sensors and racks for the flares and marker bombs; 1 conversion of the An-24B
An-24PRT - sea rescue variant, 11 conversions the An-24RT
An-24LP - a variant for fighting forest fires, 3 the conversion of An-24RV
An-24RR - a variant for the collection of radiological and chemical samples of the atmosphere, 4 conversions
An-24Rt - relay conversion
An-24LR Toros - a variant for the monitoring of glaciers, at least two of the conversion of the An-24B
An-24RV Thread - a variant with a surveillance radar Floss-S1 for the exploration of natural resources, 1 conversion
An-24ALK - conversion for calibration of navigation aids
An-24LL - flying meteorological laboratory, 1 conversion
An-24T Trojanda - machine for testing protiponorkového equipment, 1 pcs
An-24FK - prototype variants for the photographic survey with a new glass bow, 1 conversion of the An-24A

An-24AT - project the transport version of the An-24A, with a cargo ramp
An-24AT-RD - project the transport version of the An-24A to the dock and the jet starts engines
An-24AT-U - project the transport version of the An-24A to the dock and rocket jumper engines
An-24D - project remote transport variants with starting a jet engine
An-24ŠT - a proposal for a flying command post
An-50 - a project of the transport aircraft with along engines

xi'an Y-7 - chinese copy
An-26 - the transporter and the airborne variant with a large cargo ramp
An-30 - serial variant of the An-24FK
An-32 - variant of the An-26 with engines AI-20D

Gordon, Yefim; Komissarov, Dmitriy; Komissarov, Sergey. Antonov's weight forces of the Twins. Midlands Publishing, Hinckley, 2003. ISBN 1-85780-153-9.
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Antonov An-50
(Антонов Ан 50)

An-50 bol projekt dopravného lietadla na báze An-24RV (Ан-24РВ). Od svojho predchodcu sa mal líšiť štyrmi reaktívnymi (prúdovými) motormi AI-25, ktoré mali byť umiestnené po dvoch v jednej gondole. Motorové gondoly mali byť uchytené na pylónoch pod každým z krídel.

Projekt bol vyhotovený v roku 1972, nedostal sa však ani do štádia výroby prototypu.

Údaje v tabuľke sú len vypočítané:

Motor: 4 x reaktívny AI-25
Vzletová hmotnosť: 24 600 kg
Dostup: 9 400 m
Cestovná rýchlosť: 490 km/h
Dĺžka rozjazdu: 520 m
Dĺžka dojazdu: 640 m
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