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Experimental fighter Yak-140

The Yak-140 is an experimental fighter developed by the Yakovlev design bureau. Created in the mid-1950s, the Yak-140 fighter remained a mystery to both Western and domestic aviation historians until recently. And this is not surprising, because the machine not only did not take part in air shows, which were held regularly at that time, but never even took off, although it was built and taxied at the LII airport in Zhukovsky. Further interest in the Yak-140 is due to the fact that this light first-line fighter could compete well with the well-known MiG-21.

Yak-36 - 1. Take-off from the place

The vision of an airplane that would not need an airport has attracted designers since the first planes soared into the sky. During the entire existence of aircraft technology, so far only two countries, Great Britain and the Soviet Union, have been able to build aircraft with a vertical takeoff and landing and introduce them into service. This time we will focus on the Soviet type.

Yak-36 - 2. Changing of the guard

The first Soviet aircraft with a vertical takeoff and landing had its first timid steps. Gradually, the biggest problems faced by the program were solved; however, in the end it turned out that the whole project is nothing more than a technological demonstrator. If the Navy wanted to get a truly usable aircraft capable of operating from the decks of aircraft carriers without a catapult, it was necessary to start from a clean slate using existing experience.

Yak-36M (1) - First advances

The new generation of aircraft on board began to take shape on paper. The basic concept of the Jaku-36M was clear, so it was possible to proceed to the construction of a prototype. The work started just six months after the completion of the design work.

Yak-36M (2) - Moral support aircraft

Starting vertically, the Yak-36M was included in the armament after a series of vicissitudes. Although great hopes were placed in it, in the end he did not represent a striking force that could jeopardize the dominance of Western countries at sea. Although its performance in a clean configuration surpassed the competitive Harrier, it lagged significantly behind in firepower. The Marines spoke of fire support rather than moral support.



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