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Armoured attack aircraft BS-2 (CKB-55)

In connection with the unsuccessful Spanish experience with the combat use of reconnaissance aircraft and fighters for direct air support of troops in conditions of strong enemy air defence, on 16 December 1937 the chief of armament and material - technical supply of the VVS KA in the creation of a plan of experimental aircraft design for 1938 and experts - military engineer 1. P.A. Losyukov and P.V. Rudintsev, a military engineer of the 2nd degree, raised with all their sharpness the question of the immediate inclusion in the plan of the construction of a special attack aircraft, "... operating at low altitude and possessing powerful offensive and defensive weapons and with an engine that develops maximum power near the ground ..."

I-350 fighter

After exceeding the speed limit of a thousand kilometers on a MiG-15 fighter (I-310, C) in 1948, the OKB-155, led by chief designer AI Mikoyan, together with CAGI specialists, almost immediately outlined measures to further increase it. As early as July 26, 1949, a prototype MiG-17 fighter (I-330, SI) ascended into the air.

IL-2I heavy fighter

Armoured fighter aircraft, prototype only. Its concept was based on several air battles between Il-2 and Luftwaffe bombers. The aircraft proved to be unpromising, because in the air it could only catch up with the old bombers of the German Air Force.

Ilyushin Il-10

At the beginning of 1943, the command of the Soviet Air Force became clear that the Ilyushin Il-2 fighters would soon need to be replaced by a far more powerful type. Because fighters providing direct air support to the fighting units were irreplaceable in the tactics used by Soviet troops, in May 1943 J.V. Stalin issued an order to design an aircraft that could replace the type of Il-2 in the armament of the Front Air Force.



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