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SOV - SU-76M



Originální název:
Original Name:
samohybné dělo
DD.07.1943-DD.07.1944 Státní svazový závod č. 38, Kirov /
DD.09.1943-DD.10.1945 Státní svazový závod č. 40, Mytišči /
DD.10.1943-DD.10.1945 Gorkovský automobilový závod V. M. Molotova, Gorkij /
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
11 494 (do 1.6.1945 / until 1st June 1945):
- Zavod 38: 1665 - 562 (1943) + 1103 (1944)
- Zavod 40: 2306 - 210 (1943) + 1344 (1944) + 752 (do 1.6.1945)
- GAZ: 7523 - 601 (1943) + 4708 (1944) + 2214 (do 1.6.1945)
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
DD.05.1943 (SU-15)
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Bojová hmotnost:
Combat Weight:
10500 kg
Celková délka:
Overall Length:
4965 mm
Celková šířka:
Overall Width:
2714 mm
Celková výška:
Overall Height:
2100 mm
Světlá výška:
Ground Clearance:
300 mm
GAZ-203 (2x GAZ-202)
- zážehový, řadový
- počet válců: 6
2x 51,5 kW při 3400 ot/min
Převodové ústrojí:
mechanické převodovky GAZ-MM
- počet stupňů: 4+1
Rychlost na silnici:
Road Speed:
30 km/h
Rychlost v terénu:
Cross-country Speed:
? km/h
Jízdní dosah po silnici:
Cruising Range on Road:
320 km
Jízdní dosah v terénu:
Cross-country Cruising Range:
? km
Překonávání překážek:
Obstacles Crossing:
30 °
Boční náklon:
Side Slope:
35 °
Trench Crossing:
2 m
Vertical Obstacle:
0,65 m
Fording Depth:
0,9 m
76mm kanon ZIS-3
- zásoba munice: 60 nábojů
- náměr: -3° až +25°
- odměr: ±15
1x 7,62mm kulomet DT
- zásoba munice: 945 nábojů
Uživatelské státy:
User States:

Čubarin, A.: SU-76. Bratskaja mogila ili oružije Pobědy?, Eksmo, 2009
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Five-view drawing.

Belona, Military vehicle prints, series 35, Modell and Allied Publications Ltd., 1972

SOV - SU-76M -

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SU-76 machines suffered from high failure rates caused by improper drive solutions. This consisted of 2 engines GAZ 202 united two 4-degree prevodovkami GAZ-MM. This connection, however, lacked the synchronization, and therefore there was the destruction of the bridging gear. The manufacturing plant therefore rapidly proceeded to the reconstruction of the structure and modified the drive so that both engines, the engine of the common gearbox. The engines at the same time moved from the central storage in the middle of hull next to each other, on the right side of the machine, where they were placed next to each other. At the same time was modified fighting superstructure. Has been removed armour of the roof, this will reduce the weight and improve the ventilation of the crew compartment from the gases produced during the fire. On the other hand to reduce the passive protection of the crew before the shooting. This modified vehicle, whose prototype was completed in 5/1943 bore the designation of the SU-76M (SU-15). Overall it was in its original form (SU-76) produced around 560 pieces of machinery. They actively participated in the fighting, and continuously have been modified to the standard SU-76M.

The first prototype SU-76M (SU-15) in addition to the above adjustments the drive removed just ceiling armoring. After the demonstrations of the prototype was, however, raised the requirement to reduce the weight to a 10.5 t. It should improve the handling characteristics of the machine and increase the maximum speed to 30 km/h. Adjust armour the superstructure of the fighting compartment crew was transferred to the second prototype. In addition to the removal of the ceiling carapace was reduced thickness of the frontal and lateral armour. This second prototype has passed successful tests, and became the model for the upcoming series production.

By the end of the war was made around 11 500 pieces of this self-propelled machine. The procedures of the production structure continuously adjusted and upgrade. Were as used other types of engines. Development of lightweight self-propelled cannon neustal, and gave rise to many an interesting prototype, but nedočkali serial production.

Pejčoch, I.: Obrněná technique 4 - SSSR 1939-1945 (2.percentage), the publishing house Ares, Prague 2002, ISBN 80-86158-18-7(ARES)
Čubačin, A.: Samochodnoje orudie SU-76 and machines to jevo database - edition Broněprojektcia, a series of Bronětankovyj muzej, Moscow, the year 2006
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Column of self-propelled guns SU-76M from the armament of the 8th self-propelled artillery brigade, Belarusian front, February 1944.
SOV - SU-76M - (ABL)

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SU-76M, Bovington Tank Museum, 2005. The second vehicle in the photos is SU-76M ("11") of the former East German army (or its predecessor KVP - Kasernierte Volkspolizei), Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr, Drážďany, 2004. Východoněmecké SU-76M have served in the KVP since about 1949, their primary users were training units.
SOV - SU-76M -

SOV - SU-76M -

SOV - SU-76M -

SOV - SU-76M -

SOV - SU-76M -

SOV - SU-76M -

SOV - SU-76M -

SOV - SU-76M -

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SU-76M, Vojenno-istoričeskij muzej artilleriji, inženěrnych troops and troops svjazi, Sankt-Peterburg, 2009..
SOV - SU-76M -

SOV - SU-76M -

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On 16.09.1949, 53 light self-propelled guns SU-76M with 10 GAZ203 twin engines were taken over at the border station Čop.

SU-76M under the designation LSD-76 (light self-propelled gun) was included in the armament of the Czechoslovak Army after delivery on the basis of Agreement on the method and conditions of settlement for armaments and military material supplied by the Government of the USSR to the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic of 12 December 1950. Its first article provided that ... on credit ".

Under this agreement, o.i., 17 self-propelled parts SU-76M were delivered.

TTDs are fully identical to the SU-76M.

LSD-76 were in the armament of the Czechoslovak army in the second half of the fifties. They were fully replaced by self-propelled guns SD-100.

Source: Vojenské dejiny Československa V. part, p. 426 Our army 1989

Holub, Ota: Czechoslovak tanks and tankers - Our Army 1980

Periodical: Czechoslovak Army 1952

Our Army No.32 1951
SOV - SU-76M - LSD-76 - počas údržby.

LSD-76 - počas údržby.
SOV - SU-76M - Osádka LSD-76

Osádka LSD-76
SOV - SU-76M - ĽSD-76  ČSA

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SU-76M (registration number 70944), Military Technical Museum, Lešany, July 2012. The displayed SU-76M was acquired in the collections of the Military Historical Institute in 1968 from [ url=/viewtopic.php] Vojenské akademie Antonína Zápotockého[/url] v Brně, where it was used as a school aid. In September 1949, 53 self-propelled guns SU-76M were delivered to Czechoslovakia from the Soviet Union, another 17 pieces followed in December 1950. The cars ended up in service 5. divise/mechanized /, 8. divise/mechanized /, 3. divise/tankové / a 4. division/tank /. Already in the first half of the fifties, however, they were continuously decommissioned from combat units. Vehicles ended at 4. tank base in Stráž pod Ralskem, where it was stored as a war reserve .
SOV - SU-76M -

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