Lockheed P-38 Lightning

F-4, F-5 - prehľad verzií
Lockheed P-38 Lightning - version overview:

XP-38 - prototype
YP-38 - small test series
P-38 - introductory serial version
XP-38A - experimental machine with a pressurized cabin
P-38B - unrealized project
P-38C - unrealized project
P-38D - series with self-locking tanks and armor
P-38E - first combat series, modified armament
F-4 - reconnaissance machines derived from P-38E
Lightning Mk.I/P-322 - machines originally ordered by the British, but rejected and taken over by the USAAF as a trainee
Lightning Mk.II - Canceled order for British, machines completed as P-38F and G
P-38F - possibility to carry additional tanks, engines V-1710-49/53
F-4A - reconnaissance machines derived from P-38F
P-38G - motory V-1710-51/55
F-5A - reconnaissance machines derived from P-38G
XF-5D - modified two-seater F-5A
P-38H - motory V-1710-89/91
P-38J - radiators under the engines instead of in the wings
F-5B - reconnaissance machines derived from P-38J
FO-1 - F-5B used US Navy
F-5C - reconnaissance machines rebuilt from P-38J
F-5E - reconnaissance machines rebuilt from P-38J/L
P-38K - prototype with V-1710-75/77 engines
P-38L - engines V-1710-111/113, external hinges for rockets
F-5F - reconnaissance machines rebuilt from P-38L
P-38M - night fighter conversion
F-5G - reconnaissance machines rebuilt from P-38L

Droop Snoot - machines P-38J - L with space for a bomber in the bow, used to guide bombers
Pathfinder - similar machines P-38J - L with space for a radar operator in the bow, used to guide bombers

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Lockheed P-38L Lightning NL7723C, původně F-5G 44-26981. Na fotografiích snad v Museum Of Flying, Santa Monica, Kalifornie.

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Lockheed-P-38-Lightning-t15681#15862 Version : 0
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