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Franco-Prussian War [1870-1871]


150 years ago, Europe went astray

On the evening of January 18, 1871, the windows of the Palace of Versailles shone like in the days of Louis XIV's greatest glory. However, the visitors who rejoiced inside were not the courtiers of Emperor Napoleon III, but soldiers. However, they did not have French uniforms, but Prussian, Saxon, Bavarian, Württenberg and other armies of the North German Confederation , which conquered France and besieged Paris, except for the fortified belt of Pas-de-Calais. During the siege, Versailles served as the main Prussian tent, and that evening there was an event that completed the Prussian efforts to unite Germany. A moment ago, in the great Mirror Hall of the Palace of the French Kings, in the presence of German princes, field marshals, generals and other high-ranking staff officers, King William I of Prussia was proclaimed Emperor of the New German Empire and Otto von Bismarck appointed Reich Chancellor.





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