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Sino-Japanese War [1894-1895]


Winner from Tsushima I

Heihachiro (according to other sources Heichahiro) Togó was born in 1848 on the island of Kyushu. At the time, Japan was a feudal state in which it was not allowed to travel abroad, and any foreigner who landed on the Japanese coast risked execution. After the Portuguese landed in Japan in 1542, Shogun Hideyoshi understood the risk of colonization brought by Europeans, expelled the Portuguese Jesuits from the country in 1587, and then in 1616 his successor Hidetada declared war not only on European missionaries but also on baptized Japanese .

Winner from Tsushima II

The war electrified the whole world, correspondents from both Europe and America came to Manchuria, and Togó, who withdrew his ships, soon developed a serious prestige in his prestige when the Tsar entrusted Admiral Makarov with the command of the Portarthur fleet. But even Admiral Makarov (by the way, the designer of the icebreaker "Jermak") did not manage to break the Japanese blockade during the whole spring, and the Japanese again destroyed the Russian fleet ...





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