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Hl. m. Praha

Originální název:
Original Name:
Další názvy:
Other Names:
Židovské město
Nižší územní celek:
Lower Administrative Area:
GPS souřadnice:
GPS Coordinates:
50°05'22.00"N 14°25'06.00"E
Místní části:
Local Municipalities:
První písemná zmínka:
First Written Reference:
Vojenské objekty:
Military Objects:
Historical Sights, Places of Interest:
Klausová synagoga
Maiselova synagoga
Staronová synagoga
Španělská synagoga
Pinkasova synagoga
Vysoká synagoga
Židovská radnice
Starý židovský hřbitov
Kostel sv. Ducha
Kostel sv. Salvatora
Dislokované jednotky:
Garrisoned Units:
Průmyslové podniky:
Coat of Arms:
Pojmenováno roku 1850 dle Josefa II.
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of the New synagogue

It is the oldest surviving synagogue not only for us, but also in the whole of Europe. It comes from 13. century and is one of the most important and artistically most valuable gothic monuments in Prague. It was the main synagogue of the prague jewish community, and therefore there were e.g. Eliezer Ashkenazi or Yehuda Liwa ben Bezalel known as rabbi Loew.
The synagogue consists of dvojlodní hall, which is divided by two pillars, which are sklenuty pětidílnou vault.

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High synagogue

The high synagogue is also sometimes called the town Hall synagogue. This is her second naming derives from her position, at her side lies the former town hall, with her then make up a single whole. It was built in the renaissance style, probably together or not long after the jewish town hall, i.e. sometime after the year 1577. At the construction site could participate Vlach Pancrazi Rodero, the investor was the financier Mordechai Maisel. The year 1689 was damaged by fire, and in the repair then it was the year 1691 extended baroque style. Her ap was amended in 19. century. Other modifications then took place in 1907 in connection with the asanací. Worship services were held here until the year 1941 (or shortly before), when it was established warehouse. Since 1945, there was a State of the jewish museum and from the 90. years 20. century, once again used for religious spaces, but it is still used in the Jewish museum.
The synagogue is a two-story, rectangular plan, the main facade is slightly zakloněno with the dominating trio of windows. Above the windows there is a distinctive renaissance cornice. In the interiors has been preserved lunetová vault štukaturovou decor.

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the Old jewish cemetery

The burial ground belonging to the prague jewish community, was used from the 14. century to the year 1787. Has undergone several iron expand by purchasing surrounding land. Funerals were umístovány in layers one above the other (after a certain period of time was the necropolis gritted with and buried away). To the present day survived about 12 000 tombstones of the 15. up to 18. century. In the years 1906 to 1908 was built a new ceremonial hall. Part of the burial ground was in 1903 taken in favor of the construction of communication.

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Pinkas synagogue

The pinkas synagogue is a building in gothic-renesačním style. Since 1960, are on their inner walls by hand listed the names of all 77 of 297 jewish victims originating from the Czech lands. Therefore, it is called "the Monument of 77 297". It is originally about the private shrine of the family Hořovských, which was built from an older building of the year 1535. House Arona Mešullama Hořovského (For Escutcheons) was located in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the building is practically adjacent to the old town to the jewish cemetery. In the years 1607 to 1625, was annexed to the southern part of the late renaissance wing. Its construction probably involved in building works B. Reid.
The building itself has a floor plan of the letter "L" in the oldest part of located gothic-vaulted hall. The whole outfit is then in the "tones" simple renaissance facade where they are located, inter alia, semicircular window. In the south wing is again located edikulový portal that leads to a small courtyard. This place is considerably below than that of the surrounding terrain, because it is a level of that time. In the basement is located the ritual bath called the mikvah. The building was a 1950's renovated and it has received virtually its original condition from the early 17th. century. He was here furnished with a monument, but already in 1968 had to be closed because the building had problems with the bottom water. During the subsequent repairs were found already above mentioned mikveh.

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Spanish synagogue

The Spanish synagogue was built on the spot where stood the oldest jewish synagogue in Prague, the so-called Old school, in 1868 according to the design of Ignác Ullmann and Josef Niklas in the moorish style. Its decoration comes from the years 1882 to 1893 and is the work of Antonín Baum and Bedřich Münzbergera.

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