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Andrej Hadik

Like other countries of the Habsburg monarchy, Slovakia could offer the Austrian Habsburgs many talents from the military.

Courtier and Soldier JindΕ™ich Michal HΓ½zrle z ChodΕ― (part 02)

The Czech knight, later the Czech lord JindΕ™ich Michal HΓ½zrle of Chody ( 1575–1665 ) lived at about the same time as the famous captain of the French royal musketeers Charles de Batz-Castelmore, Count d'Artagnan ( ca. 1611–1673 ). Both noble warriors were similar in something - both were professional soldiers, both began their careers through patronage, and both were able to fully enjoy all the joys of life that met them. Here, however, all similarity ends. While the Count d'Artagnan allegedly excelled not only in his military abilities but also in his political abilities, especially foresight and sharp judgment, this cannot be said of Mr HΓ½zrle, even with the best of intentions. On the other hand, Mr. HΓ½zrle is the author of his own memoirs, while the so-called Memoirs of Count d'Artagnan, on the basis of which Alexandre Dumas wrote his immortal novel The Three Musketeers, is a later literary hoax. Which is another difference between these two baroque cavaliers, this time definitely in favor of our Mr. HΓ½zrle ...




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