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MRK-5: Hurricane with a speed of 60 knots

The Soviet missile boat on the wings MRK-5 was the only built vessel of the Project 1240 Uragan. Its design, consistently subject to the requirement to reach a maximum speed of 60 knots, used a number of advanced solutions. However, despite the fact that MRK-5 fulfilled all VMF assignments, MRK-5 did not have any followers due to its complexity.

Nanuchka class corvettes - Part 1

Small strike warships have always been an important part of the surface forces of the Soviet Navy. After the end of World War II, torpedo boats were built en masse, but over time, due to their declining efficiency, they began to replace rocket boats. The next stage of development became small rocket ships, the first realized representative of which became the units of Project 1234 Ovod, known in the West as Nanuchka class corvettes.

Nanuchka class corvettes - Part 2

Nanuchka class corvettes were very heavily armed vessels for their size. Their entire construction was subject to the installation of the Malachit missile complex and the advanced weapon / combat control system Titanit. A total of 36 of them were built for VMF in the Ovod and Ovod-1 versions.

Nanuchka class corvettes - Part 3

Nanuchka class corvettes intended for VMF also include one lesser-known experimental vessel of Project 1234.7. A corvette named Nakat was built to test the new Oniks anti-ship missiles to replace the aging Malachites.

Tiger and dragon in ex-Soviet armor

China's rapid economic development is constantly reported by the media, as the combination of the communist regime with the capitalist economy and, for example, the absorption of Hong Kong is media-attractive. However, the fact that, in addition to the economic dragon, a tiger also wakes up on its western border, is no longer so informatively covered.




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