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okr. Karviná

Originální název:
Original Name:
Další názvy:
Other Names:
Nižší územní celek:
Lower Administrative Area:
Okres Karviná
GPS souřadnice:
GPS Coordinates:
49°53'39.00"N 18°27'39.00"E
Místní části:
Local Municipalities:
První písemná zmínka:
First Written Reference:
Vojenské objekty:
Military Objects:
Historical Sights, Places of Interest:
Kostel sv. Maří Magdalény
Něbrojova kaple sv. Isidora
Pomník obětem 1. světové války
Pomník umučený obyvatelům Dětmarovic
Dislokované jednotky:
Garrisoned Units:
Průmyslové podniky:
Tepelná elektrárna Dětmarovice (ČEZ)

Coat of Arms:

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Church of st. Mary Magdalene

Previously on this place stood a wooden church. In its place was built in the years 1869 to 1870 a new neo-renaissance church, designed as a single-nave, with the front facade of the towers. The year 1958 was decorated with ceiling paintings, which depict vyjevy the bible and are the work of the academic painter Josef Drha. In the church are placed the statues, which were located in an older, already-mentioned wooden church. You come from the end of the 18th. century. 1995, the church received three new bronze bells.

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Něbrojova chapel of st. Isidoro

Něbrojova chapel, which is dedicated to st. Isidorovi, was built in 1860. Něbrojovou chapel is called after dětmarovickém fojt of 19. century. The chapel is to be located near the burial ground of the thirty years ' war.

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a Monument to the fallen in the world war 1914-1918

The monument is located on cemetery and was built in the Retinue of the czechoslovak war invalids for the contribution of dětmarovických citizens of the year 1923..
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a Monument to the martyred residents Dětmarovic.
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The village was first mentioned in the inventory of tax obligations of the princes of těšín of the year 1305. The year 1362 těšínský prince guy jim sold half Dětmarovic Držkovi of Věřnovic and the other half retained it in his possession. Since then Držkové of Věřnovic write from Dětmarovic. After Držcích of Dětmarovic with the owners became lords of Březovic. Later, half the village received orlovský monastery. This property then in 1560 he took prince Adam, when there was a dispute about the successor to the deceased abbot. At that time the village once again means do. Detmarovice have become part of the fryštátského estate. In the period around the last quarter of the 17. century then became part of the dolnolutyňské estate taafů. In 1792 he became the owner of Dětmarovic Jan Larisch, then what is bought and subsequently joined his karvinským goods. This state of affairs lasted until the abolition of serfdom in 1848. However, the genus Larisch-Mönichů here had ownership rights to the land until the land reform of the years 1924 to 1927. Part of the estates of them here, however, remained until 1945. Meanwhile, in the years 1872 to 1875 was to Dětmarovicím connected the village Koukolná. Here we have for the first time zmíněnu up to the year 1447. The first world war from the ranks of the Dětmarovických citizens chose the 61 victims. After the announcement of the separate states of Czechoslovakia and Poland, Dětmarovice were located on the territory of which these countries have led the dispute, which ended the short war. For the seven-day war were Detmarovice occupied czechoslovak. troops and became part of Czechoslovakia. It was here built light fortifications on the two lines, which are still largely preserved. Poland then within the cast Záolší took Detmarovice on 9. October 1938. This your trophies, however long neužilo, since the German troops entered already the first day of the war. Záolší been cleaned out virtually without a fight. Some Dětmarovičtí citizens reached even into the German army. To the liberation by the Red army occurred 1. may 1945. Even this war from among the citizens has taken its toll. Certainly the biggest investment in the existence of the village was the construction of thermal power plant Dětmarovice burning black coal.

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