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"Bloody heat" in the Hürtgen Forest

Southeast of Aachen is the Hürtgen Forest, an area of about 50 square miles. The forest has mostly mountainous, rocky terrain and was created by deliberate afforestation of an empty area. The area is located on the Belgian-German border and forms a triangle, surrounded by the aforementioned cities of Aachen and the cities of Duren and Monschau. The forest was part of the Siegfried Line and was full of fortified machine gun nests, artillery batteries, and some parts of it were almost impassable due to the large minefields. The next part of the article deals with the battles of the 28th Infantry Division, because it was she who led the biggest battles in Hürtgen and paid the highest tax for them.

6. Panzer Division

The 6th Panzer Division gained one of the best combat records on the battlefields of World War II among all the divisions that fought in it. Its operation begins with the invasion of Poland in 1939 and ends with the defense of Vienna in 1945.

Ernst Barkmann

Some interesting facts from the life of this tank commander.

Johannes Kümmel

Brief biographical data of the tank ace Johannes Kümmel

Otto Carius

Brief biographical data of this tank ace




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